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  • jules

    is Steve going to show Bertie some of his motivational videos?

  • Andy B

    he will need a good dose of luck too, hasn’t had too much of that lately

  • velocite

    It seems incredible that there was any progress for Contador to make in relation to bike fit. Could they not set up a Trek to equate to however his S-Works was set up? That aside, fascinating prospect, to see how it will pan out.

    • AA BB

      It could be aero testing etc.

      • Lee Robinson

        Ac will need to use his energy more conservatively now. He will need to use his team well to wear out the most competitive teams. While riding for tinkoff they the team showed what They can do when the whole team attacked in the crosswind.

        • rshimizu12

          i certainly agree. Contador needs to attack more prudently since Sky has such a much stronger team.

          • Lee Robinson

            Also with my top finishes back in the tdf its back I. Froomes favour and or contadors

  • rshimizu12

    It’s doubtful that Contador can win another TDF. But if has any chance of doing so he must improve his bike handling skills. The recent crashes in the TDF were avoidable. He needs to have a domestique to help guide and protect him. There is also no good reason for him to be at the front of the pack in mass stage finishes. The main group finishes with the same time and he is not a sprinter after all.


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