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    During the ” Taipei Sales Event ” , John was speaking about ” ADVOCACY for Cyclist Safety on the roads ? We saw recently that UCI President @BrianCooksonUCI had a discussion with the European Union on this subject ?

    WHEN will either of these People ACT , to ensure that the CYCLING WORLD gathers to create an ” Umbrells Organisation ” to publish a ” Common Set of Values ” that ensures Women see that the roads are SAFE to ride , and , there are LAWS in Place to ensure their SAFETY on the roads & Safe return to their Families , until then , no matter how attractive a bike appears to be , they will choose other transport methods !

    Speak to members of the ” Emergency Services ” in any country and they will tell you that they FEAR FOR THEIR SAFETY when on the Roads , AND , refuse to let their Family members ride alone .

    How can any Bike Builder claim that their company spend 10c out of $US1000 on ” Safety Advocacy ” , yet spend HUGE Amounts on advertising their Product to a STATIC Market , when a Quantum Leap can be delivered by ensuring that Market Growth will come about , when WOMEN do NOT FEAR for their Safety ?


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October 24, 2017
October 23, 2017
October 22, 2017
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