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  • Thank you for that interview. Brings back memories of my junior days where one of my most prized possessions was the fluoro orange Johnny T. maguras.

  • JackTrevorrow


  • Bobolini

    What a treat, Neal. I was around and racing during the Golden Era and these guys were the idols. And watching the clip of Tomac racing with the tension disk and drop bars was absolutely horrifying. So nice to read something other than what new kits are out and who’s on what TUE…

  • Spider

    Thank you Neal, an absolute delight to read about him. He was the man when I started mountain biking and the XC/DH/road attributes just made him a hero! I know Chris Froome can ride up mountains AND then run up mountains…but it was different back then!

  • Maximus

    Great article about an inspirational dude thanks Neal!

  • Mellow Jessica

    Was his nickname “Johnny T” or “Jonny T”?

    Please confirm. My mom loved Tomac!! Thanks!!

    • Green Lantern

      I remember Johnny T – our biggest hero at the time – smoothest rider ever and still awesome today!… great essay Neal!

    • Neal Rogers

      Johnny T!

  • david__g

    Great stuff, but not just Americans whose eyes would light up at the mention of his name. As an English kid who got into mountain biking in 1988 aged 10 I can confirm he was a hero to me (and still is, really).


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