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  • Legstrong

    Judging from the picture, it looked like Caleb ditched his ultra-low sprinting style. I suspected that he had sacrificed his top end power in order to get more aero. Even with this change, he still has minimum frontal area nonetheless, due to his size. The real test will be when he is up against world class sprinters.

    • jules

      Scott sunderland can’t be too far off world class sprinter speed. I suspect his limitation is more endurance.

      • Also worth noting: the Nationals crit finishing straight is a long, uphill drag that suits Ewan more than Sunderland. It will be interesting to see how Sunderland goes this year with a strong team riding for him. Hard to see him getting beaten in too many NRS sprints (and should do well in Asia/Europe too).

      • Michael Daddow

        He won Melbourne – Warrnambool a 266km race.

        • jules

          I was thinking more of the types of hills that feature in races with world class sprinters. Take Milan San Remo, you’ve got to get over the Poggio. Sundo is a hulking sprinter and will suffer on a climb like that. I don’t think the Warnie has anything similar (could be corrected).

  • Greg

    Great to see the livestream via SBS Facebook! Chapeau!!


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