#CXNats: these are your new women’s cyclocoss national champions

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There were national championships being held all over Europe, the United States and Australia this weekend. While Australians were battling it out on the road, Europeans and Americans fought snow, ice, mud and freezing temperatures in search of cyclocross glory.

The Northern Hemisphere countries tend to collectively hold their national cyclocross championship events in January in the lead-up to UCI World Cyclocross Championships, which will be held in Bieles, Luxembourg on January 28th and 29th this year.

For many, winning a national title not only earns them a special edition kit, it also tends to secure selection for the world championships. For us fans, it’s a good indication of who’s riding well and what we might expect when the world’s best go head-to-head at the end of the month.

Here are your new national cyclocross champions:

(We’ll edit these as results come in)

United States:
Katie Compton (her 13th straight title!)

A thirteenth consecutive national championship.
A thirteenth consecutive national championship.

Belgium: Sanne Cant, her eighth consecutive national cyclocross title.


Great Britain: Nikki Brammeier, just months after a terrible injury.

Netherlands: Marianne Vos, on her comeback tour. “It’s my sixth national cx title but it feels like my first,” she commented.

France: Caroline Mani, her fourth national cyclocross title.

Italy: Eva Lechner, her eighth national cyclocross title.

Germany:: Jessica Lambracht

Czech Republic: Pavla Havlikova, a repeat of her 2012 win.

Switzerland: Jasmin Egger-Achermann, her seventh title.

Spain: Alicia González Blanco

Ireland: Beth McCluskey

In the comments below, let us know who we missed, and who’s your pick for the rainbow jersey later this month!

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