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  • tmana

    Lovely story, but one that has me asking another set of questions: has anyone checked at what happens both to the new-house families and the rest of the community 1, 3, 5 years down the road? Are the families able to maintain their houses? Does the visit improve conditions for the rest of the community as well? Or are the new homeowners subjected to threats and violence because they have something the rest of the community doesn’t? (Does an individual or group with more power force them from their homes? Are they forced to sell those homes and furnishings to be able to afford food? Do they end up housing additional people because the new houses are sturdier than those in the rest of the community?)

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi, I asked that (as did others there). Apparently no problems down the line and no resentment (was the first question I thought of when arriving there). Others can also apply for houses and so there is a sense that others in the community can also benefit. The local policeman also lives in the village, so that should also help


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