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  • Tim

    The fact that a rider of Katrin’s calibre, on a trade team, still does not earn enough money to survive is ABSURD. Orica-Scott should be ashamed. I understand this to be the norm in the women’s peleton. I know there are no magic wands – but the system is broken, is anyone actively trying to fix it? *aghast*.

    • Daniel

      Although Orica-Scott have cut the womens team budget for this year, its not just them its every team. The prizemoney on offer in the womens races is a pittance compared to the mens. And when you factor in they can be away from family and partners for a majority of the year, it brings a lot of Shannon Malseed wrote into context asking themselves why do they even bother. Other than a love of the sport theres not much else on offer. Hard to see a quick fix when tv networks barely give them a chance to show what they can do.


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November 23, 2017
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