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  • marcus_moore

    Miles Scottson can possibly thank Luke Durbridge for the win – perfectly timed attack requiring Turbo’s fourth or fifth effort on the front (in the last lap alone)!!!

  • Spartacus

    Awesome ride by Scotson!

    Obviously the feud between Gerro and Haas hasn’t abated after Haas bagged out Gerro last year – the body language on the podium was brutal!

  • Alan Walker

    Well done! Scotson got the most he possibly could out of his particular suite of talents.

  • Durian Rider

    Adelaide boys do the duo!!

  • Steel

    It really is amazing how many riders believe they’ve won with a lap to go. There’s been quite a few on the daily news this year. I suppose the riders don’t have race radios in the nationals.

    Anyway, that was a pe4fectly timed attack from scotson. Beautiful to watch.

    • DaveRides

      Correct, no radios.

      This is a rule which should be left to the discretion of the race organisers rather than the UCI making a blanket rule. Perhaps something that could be addressed by a Lappartient UCI presidency less beholden to the Makarov/Velon faction.

    • Daniel

      Surely the computer on his handlebars can tell him how many k’s he’s ridden?? 10k course doesnt make it that hard to figure out.

      • DaveRides

        There’s also a lap board at the start/finish line.

      • jules

        you’re probably underestimating how much of an impediment it is to have sucked all the oxygen out of your brain and just being on the rivet for so long. it was a mistake but that stuff happens when you’re still lacking in experience and giving it your all.

  • DaveRides

    If it ends up that this was the last time on the Buninyong circuit, what a way for it to go out! Easily the most exciting one of any of the races from any division over the last few years.

    By the way, Scotson’s first race in the national colours will be on Tuesday 17th. Ewan will wear the national colours in the crit on the 15th.

    • jules

      such a good race. watching them go up that hill is something else.

      • Pete

        Imagine shifting the race to some non-descript pancake flat course for the sprinters. What a race and what a course. Of course just about every top Aussie sprinter has won or placed on that exact course.

      • JBKayak

        In USA I spent a hour trying to watch the first ra e of the season. No luck. This sport is makes it tough on its fans. Did anybody get a feed in the US?

        • Spartacus

          What you need to do is download a free VPN, set your location as one of the Australian cities and then you can watch on
          SBS without being geoblocked. Works equally well for any other jurisdiction.

          • Sean

            HMA is pretty cheap and has servers in most parts of the world. You can generally get a decent enough connection to stream HD.

        • Bartlomiej Getta

          Yes, I had the same issue. I contacted SBS through FB during the race and was told that the SBS race stream was not geo-restricted. Unfortunately It was. How is it that I can watch the NZ road nationals (Men and Women), but not be able to watch the Aussie boys and girls go around…in 2017? It amazes me that in this day and age when TV has basically become redundant, Australia remains so backward in its approach to allowing Australians living abroad, as well as non-Australians who might be interested in cycling, to watch this event. I would have been happy to pay to watch it legally (rather then via VPN) on Fox or SBS, but this was not even an option. Now i understand why they call it ‘down-under’… From all accounts a great race.

  • NY’er

    How good was Durbo though… what a machine! Massive respect continues to grow for him. Well done to Miles but I can’t stop smiling at Durbo’s efforts

  • Mark

    Awesome race and great result for Scotson.

    Anyone else find it interesting that a decent chuck of the riders who retired from their racing career after the race yesterday featured in the action? Feels like with the Drapac shake up amongst other things that we’ve lost a few super talents before their time at the top of their game.

  • jules

    what gets me there is how many unsigned riders finished up the front.

    Nathan Earle (looking for contract I think)
    Trav Meyer (retiring from pro riding)
    Mark O’Brien (ditto)
    Ben Dyball (looking for contract)
    Cam Meyer (unsigned – his choice though)


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