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  • It sounds like things are heading in the right direction and I’m looking forward to seeing Ben have a strong ride at the Herald Sun Tour!

    • Robert Merkel

      Given his form and a bit of luck, he’ll stick with Froome and Chaves further than most. Fingers crossed.

      • I think so too. I reckon he’s a shot at the overall podium if he climbs at his best.

  • Victor Lira Rivera

    Great Article, luck is what Ben needs!! all the best for this 2017!! Rocket Dyball

  • jules

    it goes to show how whimsical the issuing of pro contracts and other opportunities to elite cyclists can be. it’s just like any job. some of the people you see succeeding and getting promotions, you just shake your head at. you don’t shout about it, or you come across as bitter and jealous. but after a while you stop caring about that and start telling it like it is :)

  • Jason Kruse

    does he has a social media following? Looks like an stunning ride and hope he keeps his mojo up.

  • puzon55

    I know Ben since he was 16.
    Often after 100 km club race two of us went to local hill and did repetitions.
    He never complain and always was happy to train hard.
    Before Nationals under 23 where he soloed to victory I was taking him for training’s behind car up to 7 hours on heat and hard hilly roads. Again, he never complain, at the Nationals he destroy opponents with full of confidence.
    As a National Champion under 23 he’s not getting ride in any team for T.D.U. !!!
    He wasn’t even selected for under 23 Australian Team going to Europe, He get in only because big sponsor, request to have Nat. Champion in the Team.
    I do believe in Ben and his potential, he needs good people around him and support.
    In my opinion Australian Domestic Racing {NRS} SUCKS, racing 70 km stages and crits. It doesn’t matter how good you are here, means nothing !!! You have to race in Europe were they respect good riders.


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