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  • Sean

    I might be wrong, i reckon a tail wind up the climb makes it a harder race. At least with a strong headwind up there, you can get a good sit.

  • BRK

    Jay McCarthy

    • DaveRides

      I’d love to see McCarthy get the win, especially considering he won’t be able to race for himself (despite showing he’s a genuine contender last year) at the TDU.

      • How come you don’t think he’ll get to race for himself? Because Sagan’s there?

  • jules

    it sounds wide open. it’s just hard to know what condition riders are bringing into the race. Gerrans is usually in good form though for this. I’ve adopted Ben Dyball as my sentimenal favorite now. never met the bloke but hope he does well.

    • Sean

      Same here GO Ben!

  • Worth a look if you want a detailed breakdown of the course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKq3DaPzdP8

  • Daniel

    Sean Lake. For some reason the start list link on their website doesnt work so Im assuming he’s starting.

  • Michael

    @mattdeneef:disqus Ben Dyball is racing on the Continental team based out of St George Cycling club, Sydney with guys like Brett Dutton at the helm.

  • Robert Merkel

    Great preview.

    Dyball must be in great form to podium in the TT, and he can climb like a goat. (the bloke won a completely mental 11km road stage up Mount Fuji back in 2013).

    Oh, and go Canty!

    • Thanks Robert! Dyball’s already a small bloke but he was LEAN at the TT the other day. Seriously lean.


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