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  • Simon E

    Yet another edge-of-your-seat women’s race, and a poke in the eye for the miserable gits who claim that it isn’t as exciting as the men’s racing. Absolutely superb!

  • aradilon

    NO ONE deserved it more than Sanne, she’s the only one that races so much and isn’t a roadracer that does a bit of cyclocross on the side!

    • campirecord

      I am trying to see your point here. An athlete is an athlete, this is not a clan, just physiological strength… Thats like saying Cavendish should stop doing track racing, non sense. By the way, Bravo Sanne Cant.

      • DaveRides

        It does look like Cant’s full-time commitment to CX is what enabled her to get the better of Vos. It’s not just physiological strength, she won the day with her skills and tactics.

        I expect she’ll also get a subtle nod (or maybe a polite clap) of approval from those who think Cadel Evans was too gushingly emotional when he won races.

    • SpaceKnight

      Not that she doesn’t deserve it, but riding a full road season with olympics and a small cyclocross season is probably harder to manage the what Sanne Can’t has to deal with: just training all summer. So the argument isn’t really fair to say the least as the road racers have a lot more racing days when combined with cyclocross racing.

  • Andge

    Yassss Sanne!!


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