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  • jules

    I dare say there’d be a lot of pros who’d love to make the ‘mistake’ of accidentally going off the front on the nationals at the pointy end of the race

  • Andy B

    Still a great ride and something to be proud of :) looking forward to seeing what the year holds

  • AndyVB

    That post-race interview was all class.. in fact just allowing the interview was class.

  • Richard Lamb

    I have never felt so excited watching any race.. Maybe it has something to do with the $20 I had on Canty (and Canty ONLY) with 101 to 1 odds or because I am so proud to have raced against BC during his first ever race at HCC D-grade in his loose fitting yellow jersey. Needless to say he smashed the field. You are on an upward trajectory here, good things will happen soon. Go get em’!

  • Michael Krischunas

    Any news yet whether Cannondale-Drapac will be riding in the Jayco HS Tour this year? Would be great to see Canty get a chance to rip it up in his backyard of Kinglake on the final stage.

    • From what I understand they won’t be.

      • Sean

        If the development team are racing, the worldtour team can’t.

  • Pete23

    Best of luck this year Brendan, epic ride yesterday and loved reading this interview, all the best dude!!

  • Stewie Griffin

    Brendan Couldn’t-y. But in all seriousness great chap. They’ve got some talent at Cannondale with Woods & Canty

  • DaveRides

    Slipstream riders have more history celebrating for second place, while celebrating on the second-last lap is more an issue for motorcycle racers. Maybe it’s time for a mechanical doping investigation ;-)

    • Sean

      @DaveCyclist:disqus as a south strayian you need to learn how to win.

      • DaveRides

        The results yesterday would suggest that it’s not us who need to learn that.

  • badhombrebigdo

    Wow, so he just had no wherewithal and wasn’t counting the laps whatsoever… lol.. super Aussie of him.. huge display of his talent..

  • MattHurst

    All class, and talented, so looking forward to his year and cheering him on.

  • Mike

    Awesome attitude Brendan. Pure class and a great ambassador for the younger kids coming up.

  • For those who are interested in seeing some data from Brendan’s ride, check out the Buninyong climb segment that he got away on. https://www.strava.com/activities/824755362/analysis/14990/15320

    For the 2.8km climb from Buninyong to the KOM, Brendan averaged 387 Watts (~6.5W/kg) for 5:30.


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