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  • She is everything that’s beautiful about this sport. A perfect champion in my opinion — talented and humble.

    • Ricky

      I’m in full admiration of her. Speaks so eloquently and honestly. For someone of her stature, she has absolutely no ego at all.

  • Alison Jackson

    Great article. A good read with important lessons for current and upcoming riders.

  • roklando

    Forget Merckx, Vos is the greatest cyclist ever.

    • Vanessawbell1

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  • The Potato Man

    “my full focus is now on the road”

    I bet reading that will scare the crap out of her competition.

  • MattF

    I don’t think we’re getting the full story in relation to Vos’ ‘overtraining injury’. This nebulous description fails to shed any light whatsoever on the nature of the injury that has taken this champion out of action for so long. Why the shroud of secrecy? Readers of CT will be well aware of outstanding recent articles relating to athletes suffering from mental illness. I’m not suggesting Vos has suffered this way but there is a passing reference to depression. Where there is no light shed, rumours and innuendo thrive.

    • I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions of mental illness. If you’ve ever had an injury that has prevented you from doing what you love, your identity, and your livelihood, I’m guessing most people would be in an undesirable mental state, That’s different than an clinical illness. And either way, it’s not something that many people would want to reveal to the public. It’s personal business.

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        Wade’s got it right. I asked her straight-up about depression. And she answered it quite plainly with a “no”. “I had too many good days and too much hope to succumb to depression.”

    • Dave

      I’m pretty sure that the overtraining injury referred to in the interview would have been the slow recovery from her broken rib in a CX training crash, which she said afterwards was the result of pushing her comeback too hard even though the hamstring was already fully healed – i.e. there was more than just the hamstring injury. Nothing I read over the last year pointed anywhere near the direction of Depression.

      I followed the various reports through last year, and it sounded to me like she probably had some sort of autoimmune condition which had a particularly bad effect on her muscular-skeletal system. The big clues were: slow recoveries from two fairly simple injuries, a comment about struggling to complete a ride pain-free, and then being restricted from training until she passed a set of medical tests.

      Cyclists are quite prone to picking up odd viruses or getting hit hard by relatively benign viruses simply because of the extremely skinny condition they maintain, especially those women racers who maintain body fat percentages so low it upsets their hormonal system.

      I’m confident that nothing’s being hidden simply because she wasn’t at all careful about what she said on the topic, there were too many clues left along the way.

      • MattF

        All good answers thanks. I wish her all the best as she is a truly outstanding sportsperson with much of her potential career still in front of her. It still strikes me as odd that somebody with such a phenomenal run of multi disciplinary success, who has said herself that one of her strengths is to ‘never give up’, should succumb for so long to such an innocuous sounding condition (overtraining). Hopefully, once she’s back to her winning ways, more light will be shed on this period of her career.

        • Frances

          Overtraining isn’t innocuous though, it can absolutely sideline you for ages! Whether this be an overuse industry as the hamstring thing, or massive problems to do with long-term fatigue/cortisol etc it’s actually really complex and long-term rather than simple.

  • Yes city limit sign sprints are a thing here!

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Ha! Dank je wel. Wind en sprints: vandaar dat jullie allemaal zo sterk en snel zijn.

  • DaveRides

    Great choice of final article for the 2016 retrospective series, considering she just won her first cyclocross race in the new team colours.


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