Video: Emma Pooley on launching a solo attack that enlivened the Women’s Cadel Evans Road Race

by Simone Giuliani

It’s not just the winner who makes a race and one of the key moments that helped enliven an already intriguing women’s Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race was a solo effort off the front by Emma Pooley (Holden Women’s Cycling) in the last ten kilometres.

The excited crowd was shouting out her name, willing her on as she charged on out the front trying to take victory in the city of Geelong where she claimed the rainbow-striped jersey of the World time trial champion in 2010. Pooley ended up being caught in the final couple of kilometres by a group of four and ultimately taking fifth, but hers was one of the moves that made the exciting Deakin University Elite Women’s Race.

Pooley spoke to Ella CyclingTips after a debriefing with her team for the Australian summer of cycling, Holden, and told us what was going through her head when she was out there on her own.

“I knew I was going to take off there for the whole race, or try to anyway. I looked over my shoulder after the corner and couldn’t believe I had a gap and got over the top and looked over my shoulder and I had a big gap,” said Pooley.

For the full story of the move play the video above.

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