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  • jules

    road cycling is facing some significant challenges that will only get bigger. the mounting pressure on road space by increasing numbers of cars is pushing cyclists off busy roads. it’s getting harder to gain approval to hold road races on good roads – local residents are increasingly unhappy with ‘their’ roads being commandeered for our entertainment. safety issues will not go away and arguably increase with growing traffic. urban sprawl means once deserted roads are now busy arterials. gravel roads are a haven for cyclists, once you get past the loose and bumpy surface aspect.

    • I think of how many awesome loops I missed out on because I stayed away from gravel roads. I thought my road bike wasn’t suited well enough for gravel and I was worried about punctures. Perhaps it’s the marketing that’s changed, or maybe they make better bikes and tyres, or maybe I was just a wuss…

  • VCO

    Road cycling is not dead, but it’s deadlier. Sadly. Distracted drivers are a thing, but on purpose dangerous behavior and aggressiveness seems to become a trend, at least here in flanders, and that’s what’s pushing me offroad.


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