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  • mcalista

    Oh, save me from another #$%^ slacktivist petition!

    The event is endangered by a lack of money, not because the mayor is unwilling.

    If people signing this petition really want to save the event, crowdfund a sponsorship for it.

    • bigringjim

      Yeah, I’m not sure what a petition for the mayor to ‘find more money’ can actually do.

      • DaveRides

        The aim would be to get the mayor to allocate a greater budget to the race, no?

        Online petitions and form letters are worthless for that though, direct contact from actual constituents is needed.

  • DaveRides

    The race taking a break for a year might not be a bad thing for cycling to consider as a longer-term business model to be applied to other races too.

    If the Philly race ran in even-numbered years, it could share a spot on the Womens WorldTour with another race which would be on the calendar the in odd-numbered years. During the ‘off’ year, each event organiser could choose whether or not to keep the race running at a lower level while still being assured of a quality field in the next ‘on’ year. This could help cycling achieve a better concentration of quality fields in a smaller number of WWT races rather than being spread thin, and eventually move the WWT towards the point of not needing local teams to pad out the field when the WWT teams don’t want to attend.

    This event sharing model was used in motorsport by the World Rally Championship (with events running on the second-tier continental championships in the off years) during a period when there was more demand for events than the teams had the capacity to attend, before settling down a bit as a number of rally organisers found they were more suited to the continental championships.


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