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  • messenger666

    One item missing is her relationship with her parents, who were aware of Aubut’s abuse, and did NOTHING.

    • Matt Grothoff

      Actually, her parents were brought up a few times. You listened to it, right?

  • Cruz er

    Great interview, thanks!

  • muz

    Awesome, not many people could talk that openly (inc me!).

  • Velogeek

    Nice interview. It’s nice to see an interview that digs deeper into the messy/complex – authentic – side of life. Chapeau to Ms. Jeanson for sharing her story and perspective with such a high level of honesty. It appears that she’s grown a great deal through this and I appreciate both her willingness to open up about it, as well as the interviewer for going beyond the cliches and creating a space for Ms. Jeanson to open up. Well done.

  • velocite

    Impressive woman – and congratulations on a sensitive and penetrating interview. Although the subject was articulate and forthcoming you still need to provide the right cues. The role of cycling in her life now was interesting: cycling is her “safe place”.

    • Sean

      I’m sure a lot of us here can relate to that ;-)

  • warnschild

    Thank you very much for the interview! Wonderful job of anyone involved.

    To me her story and the admiringly open way of answering the questions shows that sometimes, sharing weaknesses and mistakes is a big sign of strength and maturing. She sounds like an interesting, determined and warm-hearted woman to me: Someone who really should be and stay part of the cycling world.

    • My favourite answer was to the question, “are there any wins from your career your’e most proud of?” and she said “to get out of the life I had before and start my life on my own terms, that was my biggest win.”

      • warnschild

        Yes, big one!

        I’ve been thinking about if and how it’s possible to provide children in sports with some sort of “independent self-esteem”.

        When I had to do a bit of research on mindfulness-based stress reduction and burnout in sports a while ago, I thought it to be ironic that the method was only used to make athletes provide better, but not to enable them to decide on their careers and lives on their own, to better take care of themselves and take some time off when needed. Even in soccer, where there’s so much money, the level of depression amongst top athletes surprised me (https://www.fifpro.org/news/more-support-needed-to-tackle-mental-health-in-football/en/).

        Many young athletes don’t know a “normal life” as everything else has to take a backseat behind training and performing.


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