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  • Craig

    Sorry to see you retire, but glad to see you following a path that’s right for you. Looking forward to your blogs, race commentaries, insights and interviews! Totally agree with your “Most likely to disappoint” pick (unfortunately) . . . although the coverage was at least better for the first Australian races. Question: How is the women’s L-B-L going to work? It’s a 250km route for the men, and we know that the UCI doesn’t make women race that kind of distance. But how else do you get from one town to the other, and back again?

    • DaveRides

      One of two ways:
      1. The race will be given a derogation from the normal race distance rules so the women can do the full race.
      2. The women’s race will be L-B-L only in name.

  • Dave

    Thanks for a great preview Loren. I agree with a lot of your thoughts – I’m really keen on a big year from Alexis Ryan, for example. My biggest question for the year is how Boels Dolman are going to organise Lizzie, Megan, Anna, Chantal and Amalie – they can’t all be the protected rider every week. It’s going to be very complicated for them. For what it’s worth I think Anna will emerge as the No 1 by the end of the year. I’m not certain Sunweb and WM3 have the firepower Ellen and Marianne might need to support them – and there’s a question at WM3 about whether Kasia Niewiadoma might be the No 1 anyway. That will be fascinating to watch. A couple of bold(ish) predictions from me (one will be no surprise at all to my Twitter followers) – I think Elisa Longo Borghini will win the Giro, and I think Annemiek van Vleuten will win a World Championship title.

  • Robert Merkel

    Great read, and enjoy your time on “our” side of the fence.

    A couple of thoughts/questions to ponder:
    * Might Katrin Garfoot pull out a big result in a road race?
    * Any sense of the LBL parcours? Is it going to be as (proportionally) hilly as the men’s race?

  • Liz Otto Hamel

    Also sorry to see that you’ve retired, but you should become a GCN presenter! I hear they’ve been looking for a female presenter for a while, and from what I’ve seen of your energy and charisma on this site and elsewhere on the web, you’d be perfect! Candidly, the channel is in dire need of a female perspective :)


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