Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards: Young Cyclist Assistance recipients announced

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With the inaugural Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards done and dusted, we are proud to say we raised just under AU$6,000. All the money has been donated to help cure oesophageal cancer via Tour de Cure, to an education fund for Lucas (Mark and Leeanne’s son), and to help two young cyclists by providing AU$1,000 financial assistance.

We received many incredible stories of passion, determination, sacrifice, and commitment from cyclists across multiple continents, representing young cyclists globally. It was a difficult decision — all of the nominees, in their own way, were deserving of the AU$1,000.

CyclingTips founder Wade Wallace, Rob Arnold from Ride Media, and Leeanne Gatien (Mark’s wife) were honoured to select the two young cyclists. This year Ruby Livingstone (New Zealand) and Louis Stibbard (Australia) were selected to each receive AU$1,000 to help them in their pursuit of a cycling career.

Congratulations to all our nominees and in particular to Ruby and Louis. We hope this help will really make a difference to you. For those that missed out, we’ll have the same opportunity available with the 2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards, so look out for that later this year.

For now though, we’d like to tell you a little about the winners:

Ruby Livingstone

Ruby Livingstone is a 23-year-old Kiwi road cyclist whose number one passion is cycling. She first started cycling on skinny tyres at age 12 on the outdoor concrete velodrome in Auckland. She has spent the past 11 years riding out what has been a tough journey, including illness whilst racing in New Zealand and during a European season with UCI team BePink LaClassica.

Now racing with Team Roxsolt Attaquer, Ruby has the opportunity to race UCI events in the US. Ruby will use the $1,000 to pay for flights to the US. Good luck Ruby!

Louis Stibbard

Louis Stibbard is a 14-year-old cyclist from Newcastle who’s beating the odds and competing with Type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, and juvenile arthritis. At the age of 10, Louis started on a bike, and he hasn’t looked back. He has tried the full range of disciplines, including the track, MTB, and most recently cyclocross, where his true passion lies. And Louis has done all of this either on borrowed bikes, or third- or fourth-hand bikes.

Louis will use the $1,000 to get to Cyclocross National Series events and for continuous glucose monitors to help manage his diabetes during training and racing. Good luck Louis!


Thanks again to all the nominees and to everyone that supported the inaugural Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the winning photos!

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