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  • d;

    Like: $100 Pinot Noir and cheddar cheese don’t belong. Life is too short, use good rubber.

  • Toby Hood @ Le Cyclosportif

    +1 on silver spokes. I’ve always recommended them to customers for the same reasons. I have seen a slight resurgence of them. ie people think they look cool.

  • some1s_lucky

    I visited the Sugar Wheel Works shop when I was in Portland to do a Titanium frame building course at UBI. The shop is amazing and Jude was super friendly answering all my questions. If I had realised earlier I would have stayed a little longer to do one of their wheel building courses to make more of my bike “Made in Portland, America” by Australian hands :)

  • JJ

    Jude is a legend. I have visited her shop and she was extremely nice and giving with her time.


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