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  • jh

    as much as I think the Giro will be “The” Grand Tour of 2017, There will hopefully be a hotly contested Tour, and I think BMC has the best chance in several years to keep Froome off the top step of the podium in Paris. I’m hoping all the favorites and their domestiques stay healthy throughout the year so the best of every team can line up and finish the Grand Tours.

  • winkybiker

    As an Australian, I generally support anybody except the Australian riders (only New Zealand and South African riders rate lower to me). Don’t ask me to explain; we all choose our sporting heroes and villains arbitrarily. But for the first time, I am actually interested in whether Porte can get this done. Roll on July!

    • marc

      but I want to ask you to please explain! I want to understand why you choose not to support Australian riders, at least as much as you support riders from other nations (obviously excluding NZ and SA)!

      • winkybiker

        It’s backlash against nationalism. I disagree that people who coincidentally were born in the country as us are inherently more deserving of our support.

        • marc

          each to their own – no worries. Although…by that argument Australians, kiwis and Sth Africans should be supported as much as other nations…? :-)

          • winkybiker

            Yeah, I’ve overshot a bit….

  • Maeve

    I too think Richie has a chance….all he needs is to have one day better than Froome. In fact if I was BMC I’d go early for an advantage …remember Quintana & Chaves could be allies to put Froome under pressure …Quintana will need to try early with a Giro in his legs and then hang on. Nico Roche is a very good dom and at least with him in the team Richie won’t be left by the road by himelf with a wheel in his hand

  • Said EL BANNI

    Everybody knows that Cantador is always going to try something. Quintana benefited from in last year’s Vuelta, and i think he will be more agressive in the future. If Porte, Chavez and Bardet join them in some early action, then, there’s a slim chance that Froomey could lose this time.

  • Craig Battersby

    No mention of the Tour de Yorkshire? Prob for the best.


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