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  • This certainly brings back memories Matt. I remember that this Interbike trip was my ‘line in the sand’ where I told myself that I’m now going to take the plunge, quite my job, and take the next step with CyclingTips. It was terrifying, and the $10k that I put on my credit card to have us both there was the biggest investment I had made to date. But it signified the next step.

    When we got to Interbike I figured we’d just rock up, chat to a bunch of brands who would have already heard of us, and we’d get some advertising dough and we’d be flying.

    Before lunchtime on the first day I realised quickly that nobody had ever heard of CyclingTips, we weren’t relevant to anybody there, and nobody wanted to talk to us. It was a big wake-up call, and it was precisely at the wrong time.

    Not long after I flew to London for some meetings with my day job with Rapha, told my boss Simon Mottram that I was quitting, and began to plan the next stage of my life.

    Soon after, in Feb 2013 Matt de Neef came on board as our Editor and then Andy van Bergen came on to look after our advertising. It was scary as hell, but I put on a brave face. I was digging deep into my savings to pay for this all and have had many sleepless nights wondering how I was going to pay for this all. Somehow we would always get lucky at the last possible moment and would be able to keep the lights on.

    Many employees later and now amongst the most reputable cycling publications out there, Those sleepless nights are much less frequent because I always know it’s going to be okay because of the talented and hard working people we have on board. Together we’re achieving something that none of us could do individually, and I’m very proud of everyone involved!

    • marc

      great insight Wade and Matt – good on you for having a crack, puttin your rocks on the line and coming out the other side fully intact! Kudos!

    • Glad you took that plunge Wade!


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