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  • slartiblartfast

    The family bike budget appears to be unlimited. Still, very nice.

    • santiagobenites

      Must be nice.

  • Oliver B

    I will never understand why people don’t remove size and safety warning stickers from their $5k+ bike frames

    • That’s my bad. I put the bike together and was then in a hurry to get the photos done. I didn’t even notice the sticker on the back of the seat tube until you pointed it out. I’m sure Shu has removed it by now.

      • The bike stand, is that the 29er that you are using or do their regular ones fit road bikes as well? Its a Pro right?

    • Gabriel Vargas

      There are SO MANY visual information I would never notice that

  • Dave

    Bit boastful, “my Venge”, “my R3”, “my XR4”, my “XR2”. Ok, you have lots of expensive bikes. Great photography. Can’t quite get into a Bianchi with Shimano, I feel like they have to run Campagnolo. Enjoy though, lucky lucky.

    • Cam

      Good on him, he’s probably worked damn hard to be in a position to enjoy such nice bikes. He can only compare to the bikes he knows.

      • Dave

        I appreciate that, I just don’t like the way it’s written. I have nothing against the author as an individual.

  • George Darroch

    I’m sure it’s very nice to ride.

    But I can’t help finding it hideously ugly.

  • Cam

    Lovely bike, enjoy.

  • Sam

    Nice bike, Great matching of frame, stem, cages etc. But the photo’s are a bit busy with the background. I like the juxtaposition of nature and modern bike but it takes away from the bike a bit.
    While i’m complaining the gummy’s are similar. I would go black/gray. but that’s me…

  • Not a Bianchi man but I like the way this has been done. I also was a bit distracted by all that mentioninig of his other bikes, his wheelset collection, that he chose Dura Ace to try something different for a change but then I thought, well its like someone talking about his new Porsche, comparing it to his old Porsche and the Austin Martin he has in the garage and then I thought well thats just the way it is, not only poor people ride bikes. And I always wanted an (old) Porsche so good on you mate spending all that money on bikes. You seem to ride them and thats the most important thing.

    • Alister Taylor

      Like a mate of mine’s father, talking about punting his 8C through the tunnel at Monaco, and saying, “my God, it sounds good, but it just doesn’t quite have the kick of the Enzo”.

      Love the guy – worked his arse off, buys fast cars (and bikes) and uses them in the manner they were designed for. And then some!

  • Wily_Quixote

    I personally would have had the whole thing covered in gold leaf to match the pulleys, but anyway.

  • Stewie Griffin

    The man chose his father in law well. Respect.

  • AlMac

    Ceramic speed looks Goofy Cool. Nice addition.

  • Ashok Captain

    Aero-rant: I wonder if some mini (micro?) watts would be saved if Ceramic Speed made the ‘spokes’ of their pulleys tear-drop shaped. The underside of the saddle could be streamlined/ faired too (like the Concor Profil). Nice bike though!

    • Or make it a solid disc!

      • Ashok Captain

        Quite right! That would actually be better and possibly lighter.

  • Aero seat posts and aero steerer tubes now… Makes for finding replacement parts fun!

    • Crazy Cooter

      It’s a standard steerer tube under all that. You can buy just a frameset and put whatever stem and bar on that you like.

      • winkybiker

        Yeah, oval steerer tubes don’t work so well!

  • Seth Adams

    I enjoyed the fact that the direct comparisons were made by the owner. Too often in product reviews, there is no apples to apples comparisons to it was refreshing. How many times have you been on a ride and someone asks you (or you’ve asked them) ‘how to you like your ?” How many have said ‘it sucks, I’d rather brand Y because …”? Not many as most just say I love it, but I’d rather hear about the details, perceived or real, so I can make an informed decision on my next dream purchase.

  • Dude pedalling

    Change is life, inevitable, essential for survival. Darwinism. I’m no pro but I used to love that CT was a bit pro

    • Maximus

      It’s all gone a bit uber-fred

  • raptus

    The bartape is Supacaz not Supercaz. Amazing bike and dream setup. I wish we all could afford the Bianchi Oltre XR4 one day :)

  • Sean Moran

    CyclingTips – love these articles; it’s fun to see what different folks are riding. However, in response to the CONSTANT trolling of the comments section by people who may not agree with some people’s choices in 2-wheeled freedom – how about a ‘Cheapo Luddite Bikes of the Bunch’? This can be for the people that want to see 20 year old Caad’s running a mix of DA 7700 and 105 on used Mavic Reflex rims and refuse to buy a cassette or chain from Sram because…well you know….that’s a ‘mountain bike brand’!

    I mean, in my ‘elder age’ (39…but been riding & racing since ’89) I push back on gravel bikes, disc brakes, and carbon wheels (especially when people complain about the price to replace a rim or whatever), but it’s always fun to see what other people ride. This is a sport/past time where money buys you whatever you want, from 1 super exotic wheelset or loads of ‘stock’ stuff. Sure ‘citizen’ racers have different needs than weekend warriors who ride for fun (I personally don’t race/ride carbon wheels – they’re great but outside my day to day price range & needs), but that doesn’t mean we can’t all look on in awe or lust to what others ride/race.

    When I was younger I relished beating older racers on bikes worth 3 months rent and weighing 30% less than my setup…but now I’m that older rider/ racer and just laugh at it all now. If you’re sharing the road with others, braving the elements, and having a laugh/cry/shared pain and a coffee afterward – none of this $h!t makes a difference. Sit back, oogle some bike porn (less scandalous than real porn), and keep your bucket-list/lotto win want list up-to-date. So…what’s next on the Bikes of the Bunch list?

  • Andy B

    Nice bike :)

  • Coach

    Looks lovely!

  • Richard Lamb

    Man.. have I married the wrong girl..?

  • avtechnician

    How does the Oltre XR4 compare to the Infinito CV ? As I cant decide which frame to get. I want a special bike that I’d fall in love with and can use on any occasion. Cycling is my only passion, sport or hobby. How extreme is the Oltre riding position compared to the Infinto… Could you spend all day on an Oltre? My heart says Oltre but my brain says Infinto. Thanks.

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