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  • jules

    Carlee Taylor’s bike – so pro, then a handwritten race number

    • Simone Giuliani

      It is pretty funny (along with the upside down Aussie flag on her name sticker). The pics were taken four days in at the Santos Women’s Tour so the other one must have got lost on the way!

      • jules

        I’m sure there was a story about the flag, or am I imagining it?

        • Simone Giuliani

          It may have rated a mention somewhere … Carlee was quite quick to point it out to us when we spoke to her for this piece, especially given her Aussie team mate Chloe Hosking had hers put on up the right way.

  • slowK

    I know it should’ve taken with a grain of salt, but it’s great to hear the pros talk about their bikes too, not just pics by themselves.

  • Alex

    That Scott looks really odd in that small size. I’ve never been a fan of that bike overall but the small size looks extra odd.

    • jules

      I like the Scott. The Trek looks weird to me in that small size, with oversized ‘tubing’

    • Valiant Abello

      See, its funny, I think the Scott looks better in this small size

  • Troy Mault

    The Garmin computer on Tiffany Cromwell’s bike has a great custom bumper with animal ears!

  • That Foil would look so much better with full internal routing (through stem and headset). The front just looks so messy

  • Mark

    Appears seatpost clamp is missing on Cipollini (main photo with “Downunder” Aussie flag). What’s holding post up?

    • Lewis

      Integrated wedge-style seat post clamp I believe?

  • warnschild

    I’d love to have an indication of sizes (riders and bikes) as well as in wich frame sizes the bikes come.

    But maybe, it’s time for an updated article on everything small: frames, shifter options, handlebars, shoes, clothing,…

    • George Darroch

      Small is beautiful, and yes it would be interesting to read about the state of sub-50cm equipment.

  • Craig

    I’m assuming the UCI’s 6.8kg minimum weight limit applies in the Women’s Tour as well? How do the riders feel about having to add ballast to a XXS frame that’s probably under 6kg fully loaded, just to meet outdated UCI regulations?


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