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  • bike-aholic

    Things I have learned following womens cycling:
    1) Its often more entertaining than the mens racing. More attacks, less predictable racing (no team sky choke-hold on a race) and more panache.
    2) Twitter is queen for following races thanks to passionate journalists and teams. Periscope and dedicated sites such as ella are also good.
    3) It seems more authentic than mens racing. There’s not the same money so less incentive to cheat or dope to succeed and to me it seems a lot cleaner than the mens competition. There is also way more passion because there is no other reason for them to do what they do.
    4) Riders are more accessible on social media. They have time for the audience and aren’t shy in engaging that audience. See twitter/instagram takeovers.
    I cant say that I hope my daughters grow up wanting to be professional cyclists but I sure hope they find something they are as passionate about as these women racers are about cycling. I certainly know where to look to show them inspiration.

  • During my 20 year career at the UCI, I was mostly in charge with projects in men’s road cycling. But at the end of the 90’s I got involved in women’s road cycling; I have wonderful memories of that period during which we created the women’s world cup and implemented the UCI trade team registration system. I worked with fantastic people (men and women), who were truly passionate about growing the sport. What struck me most was their gratefulness. I feel that we could have done much more at the time but teams, riders and organisers were incredibly thankful. For the first time, they felt they were listened to and it meant a lot for them. Something I rarely felt while working in men’s cycling where the general feeling was more about always asking for more and being unhappy with any action that was taken.


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December 13, 2017
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