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  • Paul van den Broek

    My clothing and bike are according to these so called rules, only and just only because I LIKE IT. And just to anoye these velominatie people I weare normal small sunglasses that just fit my eyes. They are way more cool. I also have 2 very large bidons on my bike, because I don’t want to get dehydrated, because of some stupid rule (one should only have 1 500 ml bidon)

  • randal

    I think they could have made it a little more clear by creating a Rule 0: Thous shalt not be an asshole about The Rules. Except for someone who can’t change a tube on their machine. They DO deserve mocking! ;)

  • randy mccumber

    I ride to commute, for exercise. and to cruise those county dirt roads. I usually wear a bright t shirt jeans and a pair of 510s and either jeans or a pair of cargo shorts. I wear a funky matte orange non aero helmet. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you wear. Of course maybe that’s why I ride alone, although I do enjoy the peace and solitude. just get on your damn bike and ride.


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August 16, 2017
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