CyclingTips podcast, Episode 28: Makeup, style and does the way you look on the bike matter?

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Following her mother’s motto of ‘be tough but still be a lady’, pro cyclist Breanne Nalder won’t leave the house until she’s properly put together, even if she’s going out for a training ride. So much so that she has permanent eyeliner tattooed on her. Her teammate Jen Luebcke meanwhile matches her earrings to her kit, Mandy Heintz likes to have her nails done for special races while Claire Rose goes au naturel, letting her legs do all the talking. As a female pro athlete, does it matter what you look like?

What about marketing the sport of women’s cycling? Where is that fine line between using athletes to market products or events versus objectifying female athletes?

What about social media? In a world where an athlete’s marketability is often tied to her social media following, do athletes feel pressured to present themselves in a certain way? How much thought and time is invested in their social media presence? What requirements do teams set around their athlete’s media appearances? What training is provided for them?

Ella Editor Anne-Marije Rook talked to five riders from the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling team about the importance and pressures of appearance in women’s cycling.

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