The story behind the first Spanish apparel brand to be featured in the Emporium

We’re pleased to be featuring the latest kit from Spanish brand, Endless, available exclusively at the CyclingTips Emporium for a limited time only …

Here at the CyclingTips Emporium, our role is to bring you the latest apparel and accessories from new and existing cycling brands from around the world. While we’re used to featuring great brands from the United States, Scandinavia, Italy, France and, of course, Australia (in particular our home town Melbourne), Spain hasn’t yet made our list.

This cycling-mad country is home to some of the greatest riders of our time, it hosts one of the three Grand Tours and it boasts near-perfect weather for riding year round. Yet despite being just a stone’s throw from Italy — the cycling apparel capital of the world — Spanish cycling apparel brands are few and far between, and few have caught the attention of the worldwide cycling community.

But proudly Spanish brand, Endless, caught our eye.

Endless was founded in 2015 by Hugo Huerga (above, middle), who says he had just one goal when starting the brand: making great kits for his friends. The story of Endless is not too dissimilar to other new brands we speak to. It begins with a founder who was fed up with the lack of options for good quality cycling kit that he and his riding buddies could easily access and that matched their design aesthetic.

When speaking to Hugo, his passion for our great sport and the bonds of friendship the bike can form is clearly evident. Indeed it’s something we can all relate to.

“Cycling is a fight against yourself, overcoming your limits, pushing yourself further, higher and faster,” he says.” Cycling is you and the road, you and the mountains, you and the mud. Some might say cycling is a sport for loners, well we reject that.

“Cycling is fellowship and respect, it is stopping to help someone on the road, or waving when you see a fellow cyclist. Cycling isn’t being the strongest or the weakest, the spinner or the pusher, the ‘Fred’ or the pro. I believe cycling is the most inclusive sport on earth and Endless exists to share that passion.”

Despite seeing initial success, the brand is still in its early stages and Hugo still keeps a full-time ‘day job’.

Keeping the brand entirely designed, tested and manufactured in Spain has been extremely important to Hugo.

“Because we just make the kits we love to wear, we proudly manufacture them in Spain for all of those who, like us, love this culture,” says Hugo. “But the hard work is certainly not over. Behind Endless kits there are thousands of kilometres, hundreds of hours inside the car, visiting factories from one end to the other of Spain, to achieve the best quality and the perfect finish.”

Hugo says the best thing about creating Endless has been seeing customers from all over the world wearing his kit and sharing their experiences with him.

“We love the cycling culture of Spain. Now though, through our brand, we can count friends all over the world, from Europe to South Africa, from Spain to Australia, who enjoy doing the same as us,” Hugo explains. “One day, during a coffee stop somewhere in the mountains around Madrid, we started to daydream about how it would be to see someone, someday, on one of the legendary climbs, like the Stelvio Pass, wearing an Endless kit. And then, not too long ago, we received a picture from a customer, there he was, under that sign we all have in mind, in the mythic Italian Passo.

“We couldn’t believe it. All we had dreamed about had come true.”

We love Hugo’s passion and the striking designs Endless have been creating. Today, we’re pleased to be sharing the brand’s story and releasing their latest kit, exclusive to the CyclingTips Emporium.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.