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  • Nitro

    Suddenly my 204k / 2,500m vert ride planned for tomorrow morning looks trivial and insignificant….

    Good luck to everyone who’s going for this. May the winds be behind you and the roads safe.

    • Andy B

      I’m impressed Nitro

  • Luis Lopez
    • RayG

      This Page Cannot Be Displayed

      Based on your organization’s access policies, this web site
      ( https://redirect.viglink.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Findianpacificwheelrace.maprogress.com%2F%3Fid%3D10112&key=cfdfcf52dffd0a702a61bad27507376d ) has been blocked because it has been determined by Web Reputation Filters to be a security threat to your computer or the organization’s network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware.

      • Sean

        Did you find out what the issue was? Overzealous IT staff with stained T-shirts?

    • Simone Giuliani

      Hi Luis, That’s a great way to see what’s happening in real time – it’s the link we have under the follow the dots sub-heading.

  • Ragtag

    I will be following the Cycling Maven. Pray for Maven guys, pray for Maven :))

  • Neil

    What’s the bet our banana loving friend gets an injury/crashes/major mechanical within the first couple of days and has to withdraw.
    Oh, what could have been!

    • Alfred Stimoli

      At least he’s out there.

      • Neil

        Wasn’t for long.

    • Los_Ang

      Didn’t appear to start. I think all his cred would be forfeit if this proves to be the case.

      • Simone Giuliani

        His tracker has shown up on the screen now around mid-field. There is a message on the tracking screen that says he has a low battery so that may have been the issue.

        • Los_Ang

          Thanks for the update Simone. I notice he appears to have stopped for some time, suspect this is the tracker.

          • Simone Giuliani

            Certainly looks like it. You can get a pretty good idea of whether they have just stopped or if their tracker is playing up by selecting their name on the map tracker … if it’s working the info that comes up usually shows a pretty recent latest reading time (his doesn’t)

      • Neil

        Out. As for cred, if people have followed him to this point, I wouldn’t expect it to change unfortunately.

        • DaveRides

          Cricket Australia will be happy though. They’ve already blamed the pitches and the umpires in this series and may need some help preparing new excuses to be used in the event they lose the Fourth Test next week.

    • Neil

      And he’s quit. I shall be known as Nostradamus from now on.

      • Los_Ang

        Top call! Obviously didn’t carb the fuck up. What a c..t.

        • HamishM

          Be nice, unless you can point out where you are on the tracker?

          • Los_Ang

            Only using Harley’s most common expressions, Hamish. Perhaps he wasn’t “full natty brah”.

            • George Darroch

              Well, they announced they’d be drug testing too. Can’t say I have any sympathy for him.

              • DaveRides

                He has previous form using motors too.

                • George Darroch

                  ^I’ve never heard about that. Motors?

  • Snout

    thanks Simone, you have saved us onsiderable time and effort working out how to follow this epic event. Looking forward to greeting the riders as they come through my region :-)

  • Trans Am

    Curve also has a race page with a bunch of content curvecycling.com.au/ipwr

  • pedr09

    They make them go up the back of Falls Creek? That’s just spiteful.

  • cunn1n9

    Amazing efforts by all. Just watching Sarah Hammond start the Back of Falls climb – go girl you are awesome. This “hill” is a right %$#@ after 200km in the 3 Peaks. I can only imagine the will power required after having come so far with so little sleep.


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