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  • AndyVB

    I love how opening the tracker always zeroes in on Maven!

    • David Bonnett

      I figure he made a “strategic contribution” to get his racer id in the URL – He’s a smart man who knows how to promote the brand ;-)

    • I thought I was just imagining it. Phew.

    • Michael Proitsis

      I’ve been thinking the same thing….every single time.I’m sure its been noticed by many of the cracking humans following the race. What a Legend!

      • Allez Rouleur

        I’ve tried to resist it in order to not feed the machine. But, I’m baffled by that dude and how many folks seem to love him. Personally, I’d rather ride my bike than watch someone yap endlessly and not say much. Beyond that, and something that legitimately is bizarre …Putting your wife in videos and commenting on her looks is downright weird, in my book. Exploiting your wife for youtube clicks?! Strange. Just my opinion.

    • Simon Wile

      He’ll do a doco deal after this surely. I expect it on CT within 6 months.

  • Update: Mike Hall now leads the Indy Pac, having passed Kristof Allegaert at Falls Creek. https://twitter.com/Indi_Pac/status/846886725284651008

  • Simon Wile

    Tit for tat the next 24 hours, whoever stops to resupply will get overtaken. Kristoffs big nap on Falls will see him through the next 40 hours. Can Mike match that? When did he sleep last?

    • I find the whole sleep strategy of this race fascinating. Is Kristoff messing with Mike? Or did Kristoff go out too hard for too long? Has Mike been keeping Kristoff in check just behind him?

      • Simon Wile

        Kristoff is usually well regulated for sleep. For TCR we has 20 hours on 4 hours sleep like clockwork. Mike seems a bit more ad hoc and takes advantage of conditions. With the ups and downs and potentially cooler conditions up in the mountains itll be real interesting if Kristoff maintains his pattern or adapts to Mike being on the front with him.

    • Simone Giuliani

      The tracker only shows Mike as having had a couple of short breaks overnight — one of about an hour and another of about an hour and a half. Anyone else and you might think they’d crack with that little sleep, but Mike does suffering well.

      • I need a nap (or a coffee) every day at about 3pm or I stop functioning.

        • DaveRides

          Having just had my 3pm (ACDT) coffee, I thoroughly agree!

        • Sean

          How good are all of these riders? Since it’s started, the map has been the first thing I check when waking. Speaking of brews, I got one today and didn’t even ride the 20KM into work. Soft as.

    • Gary Jackson

      After Fresh tyres and new socks at Bairnsdale, Mike slept for roughly an hour at Bruthen approx. 9pm, then rode all night.

  • Los_Ang

    Now we’ll see who can sleep the least and suffer the most.

  • DaveRides

    The Scary J has picked a good time to be at the Adelaide checkpoint. The wind changed about an hour ago and there’s now a strong westerly ready to sweep him up the tedious climb of Greenhill Road.

    • Sean

      The equivalent of a westerly isn’t safe for work. It will mean a lot to them :-)

  • Stephen Hodge

    MPs in Canberra are emailing me that #ipwr leaders are expected past #Parliament House 2moro already! @AllegaertK @Normally_Human & Sarah H THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!

    • DaveRides

      I wonder if a few will come out to greet them. Lord Mayor Michael Haese did in Adelaide.

    • Tim Johnson

      70% chance of rain in Canberra tomorrow, and more forecast for Sydney the day after as well. Sounds like they’re going to get drenched.

    • CapeHorn

      Must remember to take my cowbell to work tomorrow.

  • Rob

    Personally, I am hoping for the world’s slowest two-up sprint for the finish line. Mouldy knicks, bike bags swaying and wheels creaking as they jockey for the line.
    A bidon ejects from a downtube, a half eaten sandwich is thrown….it’s a photo finish!!!

  • Stewie Griffin

    Kristof’s in the lead again. I think his big sleep was strategic and he will now go on without sleeping or only with microrests untill the finish. How epic, now just leading by 2 k’s :)

December 16, 2017
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