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  • Pete23

    wow, epic isn’t enough of a word to describe this! good luck to all, maybe I’ll be up for next year!

  • Peter Treloar

    Good luck to all the adventurers!!!
    I think the 1969 Browne entry needs updating. The distance is about 3,200km and takes more than 24 hours…. Or was this Melbourne to Sydney?

  • Simon Wile

    So much jealousy of missing out/not going. Will be glued to my screen for the “less than” 2 weeks i expect it’ll take the front runners to complete this.

    • Sean

      A lot of us will be dot watching over the next couple of weeks.

      • Eric Hanaway

        Besides the GPS tracker, DurianRider and CyclingMaven, do you have a list of others who will be vlogging?

        • Sean

          Maven mentioned Abdulla was going to make a doco or something

          I’d expect to see something from shane millar when they come through vic, Lama you doing anything for this TT?

          • badhombrebigdo

            Abdullah isn’t racing it though right?

        • Simone Giuliani

          Eric, we will have some more details of how to follow the race in our preview of the race route and contenders.

        • ummm…

          i think rupert guiness is also.

  • Kiwicyclist

    bucket list for 2018

  • Nitro

    The RAAM, or Race across America, has always flagged itself as “The World’s toughest Bicycle Race”

    At 4,940 km (Vs 5,500 for the IndiPac), and with full vehicle support, I think the RAAM boys need to change their slogan…

    Off the scale kudos to anyone who has the guts to even turn up to the start line of this one…

    And talking of Kudos – Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of .GPX files you can stitch together? The “Indi Pac Coast to Coast” would make one hell of a Strava segment…

    • George Darroch

      The more direct comparison would be the Trans-Am, at about 6800km. Huge feats in either case.

      I expect it depends on whether heat or mountains are more of an obstacle to you.

      • Nitro

        All credit to anyone who tackles any of these. The mileage these guys knock off day-in-day-out is mind blowing.

    • Eric Hanaway

      Here in the US, its hard to find a stretch anywhere where you’d go further than 100 miles without town. From what I understand. they will be going two to three times that in a few places.

  • OldBloke

    For this old bloke I think you overlooked one of the outstanding entrants. Paul Ardill, in his mid 70s is the oldest competitor. Paul aims to complete the race in 28 days. Big hats off to Paul.

    • Simone Giuliani

      There’s plenty more coverage to come and we will certainly be looking to highlight some of those fantastic efforts along the way,

    • badhombrebigdo

      Big hats! 70?? Holy hell…

  • Ashok Captain

    Serious respect to all the starters. All the best!

  • George Darroch

    Credit to all who start this race, and respect to all who finish it. You’ve inspired me to go a bit longer on the weekend…

    • Sean

      Yep same! I’m gonna do an extra 30km on Sunday so I can relate to these legends.

  • Andy Logan

    Looking forward to following this and they finish right outside my office, so I am going to try and meet some of the finishers on the days they get here in Sydney!

    • Superpilot

      Not that I have done one, but from brevets I have read about, this can be a very great thing for the riders. Most often people talk about the loneliness and lack of fanfare when they roll in to the finish. For many the sense of achievement will be enough, but I’m sure a cheeky smile and a cold coke from a stranger will top it off for many, so you’re to be congratulated for this..

  • Lennon

    Great piece! Looking forward to following it.

  • Stewie Griffin

    Kristof Allegaert will take the cookie in around 12 days. The man’s a machine

  • Kate Winnen

    I think that this story is remiss in mentioning my Dad’s record from August 1998. Graham Woodrup rode solo from PERTH to SYDNEY via Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra in 10 Days, 17 Hours, 56 Minutes. As far as I know this record still stands. Others have ridden from Perth to Sydney, but not passed through the other capital cities. He broke other endurance records as well. (Too many to mention here) He raised thousands of dollars for our local Port Fairy Hospital along the way. In 1987 he started the charity cycle relay “Woody’s Murray to Moyne”, which is still is held in his honour. The annual event raises over one million dollars each year for health related organisations. It’s on April 1st & 2nd 2017. Teams ride in relay 520kms across Victoria.
    Cheers Kate Winnen

    • Push Bike Writer

      Thanks for sharing this information Kate. Woody was indeed a western district legend, and arguably one of the last true ‘overlanders’ in that 1980s period. Didn’t he also win the first Flèche Opperman All Day Trial in 1985 with a Port Fairy Cycling Club team that did 570km? For readers interested in knowing more about Woody see here: https://www.murraytomoyne.com.au/history.php

      • Kate Winnen

        Spot on. He completed and organised many AUDAX rides over the years. Distance cycling was his passion. Also loved the long races too. Melb-Warrnambool, Melb-Yarrawonga, Adelaide Sunday-Mail Tour, etc, etc. In fact I think that all our family holidays included going to a bike race somewhere!

        • Push Bike Writer

          No doubt Kate. I was actually talking about Woody recently with Braddy in Camperdown. He was telling me about the time he helped him on that Melbourne – Adelaide – Melbourne ride. He remembers him fondly.

    • HamishM
  • Rowena

    Great! What a fantastic Adventure, I hope to one day ride across Australia myself, best of luck everyone!

  • badhombrebigdo

    Good luck to everyone that’s gonna do it… Especially Durianrider AKA Harley Johnstone and Cycling Maven AKA Mark Ferguson!!

    • George Darroch

      Can’t stand those two, but have to respect their effort anyway!

      • Hugh Davis

        I can understand why people would get irked by Durianrider; the man is a active internet troll and has built his persona around clickbait. But just out of curiosity what is off putting about Maven to you? Not trying to get into an argument at all but I have always found his videos to be very well balanced.

        • ummm…

          legends this and legends that. geezus.

    • Los_Ang

      I think Harley is a DNS.

      • ummm…

        no, dnf

  • Dodster

    #Indypac #IPWR From Perth to Sydney you have chosen to race. Nullarbor, Wine region and Alpine you must navigate. The wide brown land and coast you will cross. A tour of cities, small towns, water holes and truck stops. An adventure of a lifetime in Austrailian open space. A crazy event called Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Good Luck Rob We’ll be watching with great interest – The dot watchers

  • Ashok Captain

    CT, how about a detailed ‘photo-tech’ piece on some of the bikes and gear the racers are using? There was one on the net about the bikes used in the Trans Am and it was fascinating. Will be interesting to see Durian Rider and Cycling Mavens rigs. . .

  • pauldr

    Interesting, Sam (Burst’n) Burston of Mobius Future Racing is the great, great, great grandson of George Burston. His dad Dave is also a keen cyclist with a sub 10hr 3 peaks jersey (earnt when he was in his mid 50’s!). A good engine and love of cycling is obviously hereditary!


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