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  • Bob Cullinan

    Good photo work, Shane.

    • Shane Stokes

      Thanks Bob – more to come from here!

  • MadBlack

    Excellent interview Shane! It’ll be good to see him crush Cav at TdF this year! I believe in you Marcel.

  • Steve S

    Big Cav fan myself but Kittel is class. Great interview, thanks

  • badhombrebigdo

    Always interesting to hear the perspective of top sprinters… They’re the fast men, the guys that are always pushing at the end of flat stages and going head to head with the best in the world… Naturally the come off cavalier and showy, as Kittel does here, brushing aside the affiliations with the young Colombian phenom nipping at his heels and shrugging at the prospect of being worried about other top guys in the sport like Cavendish. Never disrespectful however, Kittel makes it easy to root for him, but his general lack of definitive personality that’s all his own leaves you wondering about the big German’s true feelings in certain areas. He seems poised to play the stone face card, retreating to the cycling haven known as Girona, Espana and leaving us all in the dust, dropping his doubters and admirers alike.


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December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017