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  • Nitro

    Simply. Astonishing. Words fail me with the level of drive and determination of people like this.

    “…so she is bound to catch many of the riders that she initially started with eight days earlier…”

    The people who get overtaken by Juliana (and I have no doubt there will be quite a few) are still doing an amazing thing, but to do the first 1150k’s twice – and overtake people that have effectively now have a 8 day head start – that’s just mind boggling.

  • bigstu_

    Good luck Juliana. I hope IPWR can reset your tracker so we can follow your progress. Also glad to see you made it back to Perth – When your rescuing truck driver laughed in your vlog, he looked exactly like Aussie actor John Jarratt in the movie Wolf Creek! #chills

  • blimit

    2 words – guts and crazy

  • George Darroch

    She’s incredible!

  • misterhorsey


  • Rob

    Crazy. Awe inspiring and phenomenal. But still crazy! Good luck! :)

  • Ashok Captain

    Chapeau, Ma’am. All the best.

  • Youme

    This is just silly riding with injuries like this. I wish her all the best, it’s her decision, but it just seems insane for someone who loves biking so much that they would risk it by doing this. Let the wounds heal. The world isn’t going anywhere. Those roads will still be there a month or two from now.


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