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Ron Nott
Insta handle:
What do you do when not riding?
Nothing particularly interesting! I work in finance, and other times, I’m at home trying my best to be a good dad.
Pro crush:
There are a couple –
Nairo Quintana. His ability to attack, and attack, on the steepest sections is a sight to see. He’s the main reason why I’m looking forward to having sleepless nights watching the upcoming grand tours.
Tom Boonen. Only because Wilko says so.
Current bike rack:
I’ve trimmed it down to a couple, but hoping to add a couple more in the near future. I have a Swift Ultravox TI, and a Van Werkhoven which was an old 1980s Australian custom bike builder. Both run Sram
The dream N+1 is a:
That’s easy, it would have to be any Australian builder. If I had to narrow it down, it would be either Ben (Bastion cycles) or JR (Rogers Bespoke).
I love what Bastion are doing with 3D printed lugging, and the fact that Ben’s team are all distinguished engineers. I know that my bike will be dialled if it comes from them.
Rogers Bespoke is from Adelaide, and has a distinct style that particularly resonates with me! I can’t really put it into words. I like all the bikes that he’s completed.
Also, finished off with some quality Busyman tape and saddle.
What is your favourite Velominati or cycling ‘rule’ to break?
Rule 67 – Do your time in the wind. Hahah. No further comment. Consequently breaking rule #5 as well.
Where would you take the VeloClub #lunchbunch in your neck of the woods?
The Melbourne #lunchbunch is in the neck of my woods, so I wouldn’t change it any other way!
Where should we be planning the next VeloClub summit (junket)?
Your earliest cycling memory:
Vivid, as I was about 9 when I was taught how to ride a bike. I was a late bloomer. Learning how to balance, I remember that ‘rush’ kicking in. The same feelings that I get now when I’m bombing down a steep hill as fast as I possibly can.