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  • donncha

    Short-sleeve Gabba + summer base layer = perfect jersey for a Sydney winter ;-)

  • Wily_Quixote

    I nearly bought one a few months ago but then I remembered every other windstopper garment that I have that doesn’t breathe enough for cool damp conditions.

    These days I wear a non-membrane wind shirt during my other outdoor passions, x-country skiing and hiking, preferring to stay alive when sweating in hostile conditions.

    Don’t tell me the Gabba actually works for cool humid australian winters? I have been burnt before believing garment hype.

    • claude cat

      It’s really quite perfect for Melbourne winters. Short of complete deluges (which we hardly ever get here), it keeps the damp out and you warm, and you don’t sweat to death either. And if it’s really cold, just add a light base layer and you’re still good.
      You do need to wash it with Nikwax tech wash (or something similar) to keep it water proof, but other than that it’s great.

    • Chris

      I bought a Sportful Fiandre Light No-Rain “jersey” its short sleeve but goes to elbows, wind and light rain resistant and breathes well for those humid/mild sydney days. They also make a heavy duty and long sleeve version. Never used a GABBA but love this Sportful piece of kit

      • David Everett

        Sportful and Castelli, a friendly but rivalry brotherly love. Both sit under the same parent company, and roof in Italy. https://cyclingtips.com/2014/12/a-tour-of-the-castelli-sportful-factory/

      • Mark Robinson

        Made by the same company. Sportful is their LBS brand as Castelli is mainly an online brand these days.

      • mikeya

        Got one of those too. My go-to jacket for Melbourne winters, warmer than the Gabba I also have. I really feel the cold so the No-Rain jacket is brilliant.

  • Marten Veen

    That’s Fabian Wegmann… not Rasch

    • David Everett

      Well spotted. All changed, thanks for that. The German stripes should have gave that away. ;)

  • lefthandside

    I used to wear my gabba vest as a layer under my Jersey while racing on really foul days in Victoria and it did the job beautifully… Still a go to item

  • Stewie Griffin

    Best piece of kit and best purchase, EVER. Only regretted buying the full sleeve & not the one with the removable sleeves, but brilliant piece of kit nonetheless

    • Michal Toman

      I bought the ‘convertible’ version, and after removing the sleeves mid-ride, I have promptly lost one of them… And of course, you can’t buy sleeves separately. But still works well as a short-sleeve jacket.

      • Stewie Griffin

        That’s a bit unhandy :) Have you written to Castelli about it? Most of the time, good companies are ready to offer you a solution (if they have a good customer service, they will be able to offer you some sleeves at a reasonable price)

        • Michal Toman

          Did not even occur to me at the time, and I already forgot where I bought it anyway. Never mind, I’ll know better next time.

          • Stewie Griffin

            Just contact them directly :)

  • Michael Cox

    I live in the Vancouver BC area and ride year round. I have two Gabba convertibles. They are perfect in this environment. I do tend to run the long sleeves half unzipped but between 0 and 10 C they are my go to outer layer over a simple wicking tank base. I’ll go short sleeved in the wet up to 20 C. Wet is a reality here and I was told when I moved out here that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing choices. Gabba = good clothing choces.

  • Andy B

    Love my short sleeve gabba! Awesome gear

  • Maneki Nico

    “Some brands find someone else’s story and put it on the inside on a label…”

    Who could that be, I wonder?

  • iKnow

    Its not waterproof, its water-repellent, it made a success because they were handing it out.
    if you check the Parentini Mossa, you get the real foul-weather kit. its what the Gabba set out to do, but never did.


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