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  • Valiant Abello

    That Battaglin stole my heart

  • WarwickBoy

    That RD DI2 cable on the Alchemy looks a little vulnerable to me, just hanging out there.

    • Jamie

      I very much agree. I looked at it for a while and couldn’t see any justification for the wire coming out that far unless the layup got too thick that far down the chainstay. (As pictured in the cutaway Argonaut frame)

      Hopefully someone from Alchemy can shed more light on this?

    • OverIt

      Yeah, seems odd it doesn’t come out above the dropout, Or at least a lot further back where you could substitute a cable hanger for mechanical.

    • RayG

      Looks like he’s used the same tubes, or mold, as used on my Super Six.

  • cthenn

    Well photographed, James.

    The carbon cutout was really interesting to look at. Not a big fan of Calfee’s lugged carbon look, but the seamless frames are great, even if some of the joints are not the most aesthetic to look at.

    I love the paint scheme on that Battaglin, reminds me a little of 1990s style…I had an old 1994 Trek 930 with a slightly similar color scheme.

    Some of these guys need to get those bike poses correct! I’m totally not a “Velominati”, but it kind of drives me crazy to see an out-of-position crankarm on an otherwise amazing bike photo, haha! TBF, I’m sure some of them have been handled and not put back properly ;)

    • James Huang

      Unfortunately, trade shows rarely offer up an ideal situation for shooting bike photos. I had to make the decision between making every single shot as good as could be (including moving bikes to different locations) and showing more of what was there, and I ultimately decided on the latter.

      As for crankarm positions, keep in mind that many of those bikes are set on display stands that mount by the crankarms, so they’re not repositionable.

      • cthenn

        No I get it, it’s just an OCD thing with me.

  • tanhalt

    Where are the Stinners?? Coming up, I hope :-)

    • James Huang

      Patience, Tom…

  • Maximus

    Ahh.. that’s a lovely gallery – great work!

    With custom carbon, I’m in two minds if I’d rather see the detail beneath the paint (or inside the tubes in argonaut’s case) or if it’s better not to know what lurks under the skin.

    • James Huang

      Either way, the best you can hope for is a look at the outermost and innermost layers. What’s in between matters, too.

    • cthenn

      You’re right about that. Some of those frames above might look better painted IMO.

  • RayG

    The trouble with custom carbon is that, even though you know it’s not the case, it still looks like it could be from an anonymous factory in Taiwan.

    • cthenn

      That’s actually the opposite of what the mass produced Asian frames look like.

      • RayG

        Oh, the paint jobs (and frosting and sprinkles) are nicer. NAHPBS doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

  • Wily_Quixote

    I take it that Alchemy is unrelated to the Australian company that was operating from the 90’s and made fine fat tubed aluminium bikes?

  • Allez Rouleur

    The Bixxis is classy! I had De Rosa Sr. sign a cap of his at the NAHBS in Richmond a few years back.

    The Breadwinner would be lovely as well, but not digging the sloping TT. Well, I honestly don’t like slopping TTs period.

  • Singapore Rider

    I am not sure how long the reinforced Luna Pro lugs will last. One reason frame builders usually refrain from using triangular reinforcements between tubes is when attached vertically to the tubes they act as can openers. Vibrations of the frame drive the tips into the tubes and split them open. A more common way to reinforce tubular joints is by attaching 2 flat pieces to both sides of the joint.


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