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  • cthenn

    Another great set, thanks.

    I’ve never purchased a “real” custom bike, but how much tweaking does one need to fit their riding style, position, and body geometry? You can make some adjustments to a stock frame with various other parts, so perhaps I just don’t see the need for a totally customized frame. But maybe I’m just refined enough of a rider to feel a millimeter here, or an angular degree there…

    Those flattened stays…I could see them smoothing out the ride, but I could also see that making a bike feel soft. Perhaps someone with experience can weigh in.

    That Lightweight…now THAT looks like a stock open mould frame IMO, except the price tag is in the stratosphere! There has to a point of diminishing returns with these “superfames”, when you start talking over $5-6K for a frame alone, what kind of extra benefit are you getting?

    The Prince bike is RAD, so much detail. I can’t believe you even saw the tear on the dove, haha!

    • Renovo Bicycles

      Hi, the point of the flattened stays is to allow for vertical motion while retaining lateral and torsional stiffness (aided by the wide downtube at the bb junction, massive chainstays and thru-axle). So yes, it should feel “soft” while rolling over bumpy pavement or gravel but not “soft” under acceleration in the manner of an underly stiff old steel bike.

      • cthenn

        gotcha, thanks.

  • Cody Leuck

    No builder credit on my carbon head tube bit!?

    • James Huang

      Sorry, I mentioned you in the intro text (and your name is in my image file), but I clearly forgot to point it out in the caption. Hold, please…

  • donncha

    “Cherubim never fails to disappoint”

    That’s a bit harsh, no?

    • James Huang

      Doh! Definitely got my words crossed there. Meant the exact opposite. Heading to my computer in 3, 2, 1…

    • cthenn

      LOL good catch.

    • d;

      Cherubim goes to NAHBS regularly and I can’t say I’m impressed with this reporting of Best Fillet Frame winner https://www.bikerumor.com/2017/03/16/nahbs-2017-construction-division-winners-kirk-eriksen-alchemy/ If he won on the back of inspiration from Cherubim, due credit should be gracefully given. Why were the judges wowed? Surely they aren’t blind to the Japanese master craftsman?

  • midfield_general

    I like the Low frame with its use of Aluminum..I still prefer that to carbon..and its safer to operate


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