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    • cthenn

      Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything…

    • James Huang

      Actually, turns out neither of us is correct — although we’re both only half-wrong :)

      That bike uses an aluminum front triangle, a titanium rear end, and a steel fork.

  • cthenn

    Beautiful! The saddle-bar drop on that Metier is freaking insane!

    I like that Shimano “urban” group…why would it not catch on? Is the group available yet, I only saw the crank doing a quick Google.

    One day I’ll get a Moots…one day…

    • Métier Vélo

      Thanks for a great article, James. The Super622 is looking for its final owner, so the seat tube is uncut. A rider with average legs would have the saddle about 60mm lower. Cutting the seat tube to average length guarantees that someone with longer-than-average legs would want the bike :-)

  • Valiant Abello

    That Brodie townie is simply stunning


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