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Pinarello GAN GR-S Disk
  • Alex

    A Pinarello being poor value? You don’t say!

  • Jeremy

    Seems like the main complaints can be fixed with a new wheelset (and/or tires) and new handlebar tape. Typical with any new bike purchase?

    • James Huang

      The handlebar tape, yes, for sure, is a very minor complaint. At a retail price of US$5,250, the wheels and tires are harder to overlook. Even if you grant Pinarello a pass on the spec items, though, the overstated tire clearance through the frame and fork is a major issue, and certainly not something that can be easily rectified.

      • Jeremy

        Yeah, I agree with that. Thanks for the response, James. Nice review.

  • Simon Wile

    Those Fulcrum 5s are the same as what came on my Roubaix. Got 12k out of them and then spokes started popping… Not sure I’d like them on a gravel bike tbh. Whats with “gravel” bikes coming with mid cranksets? Slugging up a 12+% firetrail on a 36 little ring is stupidity! 50/34 swap would be high on my list of changes.

    • Eat More Lard

      Have to agree, Simon. The GT Grade and Cannondale Slate make the same mistake but both of those come with a short cage RD limiting you to 28T. I decided to swap out the RD for a mid cage but I’d still swap the front for 50/34 or even 48/32.

  • RayG

    Thank deity for a threaded bottom bracket. But, yes, that head tube looks daft. And don’t get me started on the whole ‘gravel bike’ thing.

  • Steve H

    Aw man, that’s kind of unfortunate – I’ve got one being built right now, but I am addressing some of the issues that you’ve pointed out – I’m going with non-stock saddle, bar, tape, and wheels. As you mentioned in one of your comment replies, the biggest thing is the potential wheel size issue, but I’m planning to ride mine mostly on the road so hopefully I won’t have too many issues.

    • James Huang

      Nah, i wouldn’t worry about it too much, especially if you’re primarily going to be sticking to the road. In that situation, and with something like 30mm tires mounted on wider rims, you should be in for a fun ride.

      My biggest gripe with this bike is that Pinarello bills the GAN GR-S Disc as a gravel bike (hell, it says “gravel” right on it), but it falls short in that context.

    • George Darroch

      By the time you’ve done that, you might as well simply buy a frame and fork.

      I don’t understand manufacturers cheaping out on components (economics, obviously), but they do.

      • Steve H

        I had the seat and wheels left over from a previous bike – I do agree though, if I were to redo everything with new parts, I would have looked elsewhere. Long story short though, I was looking at a number of different bikes before I settled on this one and for my personal checklist of things I wanted in a bike this was the best fit.

  • ebbe

    A “gravel bike” that won’t fit 40mm tires? That’s an endurance bike. Nothing wrong with that, not at all, but then just call it “endurance”

    On the plus side: With Pinarello’s fork aesthetics as they are, you’ll be able to throw a Lauf fork on it, and maintain the current aesthetics

  • mrp33p3rs

    the proportions on that bike, as built, looks all out of sorts


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