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  • Jeffrey Swainhart

    I’m stoked for the race. You seem to need both skill AND luck to win. I like Peter, or Gaviria but chances are it will be someone out of the blue. In any case I’m looking forward to it. Nice article.

  • Andy Logan

    I have been backing Gavaria and Degenkolb to win, this weekend.

  • Damian Orleanski

    Thanks for the article – I wouldn’t have known it’s on. I guess I will be watching with some Italian beverages.

  • OnTheRivet

    Sagz is going to change it up for this years MSR. He’ll attack a small group a k from the finish and solo in.

    • I don’t think many people would be too disappointed to see that.

    • Said EL BANNI

      I think he attcks at the top of the Poggio and having Bennett behind will certainly help in that tactic.

  • Maximus

    Good to watch Gerro’s win again.
    Fabien must have thought he’d just be able to ride Gerro and Nibbles off his wheel – such commitment to the break from him – a one man leadout train for 5km!

    • Indeed. Make sure you check out this power analysis of Gerro’s win, if you haven’t already: https://cyclingtips.com/2012/03/gerros-milan-san-remo-power-analysis/

    • Superpilot

      Gerro came through once in that last few k’s, Nibbles did nothing. If he wanted the break to stay out front he was going to have to drive it. Gerro played him like a violin. If Fabs wanted to retain a chance win, he had no choice, but payed for it in the sprint.

      Of course Gerro made his own luck by being in that position, and being tactically perfect.

      Haven’t seen 80mm rims in the peleton that much recently, I wonder if a race like MSR in fine conditions this weekend would be the perfect conditions for them. Flat parcours, a slight aero advantage over 300km would surely lead to fresher legs even at the Poggio and in the last km?

  • Ben

    Does anyone know where and what time we can stream this?

    • Cyclingfans or Steephill sites might have info

  • Tim Ashton

    Please cycling gods don’t let Bouhanni win

    • Holby City

      He’s not that bad.

  • Benjamin Battisson

    So did “SBS miss out on broadcast rights” or did they deem that it was just too expensive?
    Seems hard to believe that there isn’t a large enough audience here in Australia to make it financially viable (if so [we] should be ashamed of ourselves for not tuning in!!!)

    • My understanding is it’s the former; that they wanted to broadcast the Giro and other Italian races but Foxtel got exclusive rights in Australia (i.e. no free-to-air).

      • Sean

        A mate of a mate told me you can use getflix and a VPN to watch eurosport UK who carry much more cycling than SBS ever did. It costs about $10 a month according to my mates mate. I’ve only just got myself on the line, so I can’t help with the technical side of watching cycling daily on TV.

      • DaveRides

        SBS can only get so much sport because they pick up most of the rights at last minute bargain rates (i.e. promoter is getting desperate to make sure it is shown by someone) when nobody else has put in a commercial offer for them. This doesn’t just apply to cycling, they show lots of sport on this basis and even had The Ashes Tests back in 2005 – but they didn’t get the cricket again because that was the series where England finally became competitive again.

        There’s a few exceptions that they actually compete for – the Tour de France and the World Cup.

        It’s a good sign for cycling in Australia that someone put in a commercial offer for the RCS cycling package. If the numbers aren’t great for Eurosport they might let it go next year, which will leave the door open for SBS to pick it up again and (hopefully) prove it good enough to sign some sponsors and make a commercial offer for 2019.

  • Damen Spike (Damen Spike GAMES

    Great article thanks, Sagan’s the man. In Peter’s wake there will be a slug fest for 2nd and 3rd. Maybe Ewan and Gaviria?

  • warnschild

    There’s no open-access broadcast in Europe: Eurosport 1 does not send the race. It can only be watched live via the company’s pay-TV option, Eurosport 2.


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