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  • Jim Kravitz

    Smart win by Kwiat but there’s no way he did 1/3 of the work after the breakaway. More like 1/10th.

    • sps12321

      did more than Alaphilipe.

    • Shane Stokes

      1/3rd on the flat, as stated. This is mentioned earlier on – ‘Between the moment of his attack and the final sprint, he was at the
      front perhaps 90 percent of the time, although he did get some
      assistance from Kwiatkowski after the end of the descent.’ So that’s the 1/10th there.

      • Jim Kravitz

        Got it. Good write-up Shane.

        • Shane Stokes

          Thank you Jim

  • gunnar1981

    Sagan may have been pipped to the finish line, but it’s his willingness (and ability) to take the initiative that sets him apart. Fine, he might not win them all, but he’s the one who makes the winning move, and for that he’s one of the most exciting cyclists of all time.

    • badhombrebigdo

      Absolutely, even with a loss here, he still sort of wins, because he’s always there at the end….

    • Rob

      People’s (World) Champ

    • jules

      agree 100% – Sagan is so exciting to watch.

      but chapeau to Kwiat – he proved the better bike racer on the day. the objective is not to do the most work, it’s to cross the finish first.

      savvy bike fans know that they are watching a race of tactics as much as strength, and Kwiat put on a great show there.

  • Martin OLoughlin

    Something that Sagan seems to understand, Pro Cycling is entertainment. Whether you win or loose in some ways isn’t the most important thing.

    • Haunted memory

      100% spot on. I will always watch him race as you never know what he might do.

    • Jim

      That’s why he’s a legend already where others might have won a few bike races

  • David Kirkpatrick

    That finish line photo at the header is one we’ll be looking at a decade from now. It’s a magnificent capture of an incredible finish. Look at Sagan’s chain! And double their rations for not crashing after the finish. Super race.

    • Lperdido

      Agreed. Much like the 1989 Worlds win by Lemond over Kelly and Konyshev

    • Nitro

      Stunning photo. CT – Any way to get ones hands on a copy of this for personal use? (Happy to pay – stunning piece of work)

      • Happy to email this to you Nitro but unfortunately we don’t have license to put these out publicly.

  • Nick Clark

    Great finish and an insane amount of talent on the final podium – current and former world champ, and with Alaphilippe you’d be hard pressed to say there won’t be a future rainbow jersey there somewhere. Great to see Caleb Ewan crack the top-10 as well.

  • Great throwback by Kwiat on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BRy61BylQyE/

    • Rob

      Those shorts ????????????

  • D.S.

    Check out the chain on Sagan’s front ring… Top Photo! A good ol’ proper MSR.

  • Marc

    While I also like the aggressive riding of Peter Sagan, this Milan San Remo did show his weaknesses. Sagan had no choice but go on the attack. He’s fast, but won’t win a bunch sprint against the likes of Kristoff, Gaviria and Demare. Nine out of ten times at least one of the top sprinters will be faster. So he needs to break away from them. But then his second, and bigger, weakness shows, he’s not that smart. He wastes so much energy, with other riders laughing in his wheel. The entire bunch by now knows that if you’re in the break with Sagan, he’ll do all the work, no matter what. It has cost him this Milan San Remo, Omloop het Nieuwsblad a couple of weeks ago and many many races in the past.

    • dllm

      Doesn’t matter. Sagan is king.

    • duckingtiger

      What better way could he race? I think his tactic was sound. He can’t beat the likes of Gaviria. The other two have their sprinters in the back. The weight was on Sagan because he had no one. If he let off, they will be caught which would be fine for Kawasaki and Alaphiliipe regardless. Alaphiliipe was clearly told to back off and wait for the sprint. Sagan was the man who has the most to lose. Rather take that 33% victory chance than one in a hundred no? If the run in post-Poggio was a bit longer may be he could play game like in KBK. But this one is just like Omloop where he lose to GVA.

      If anything this race show the lack of depth in Bora’s team. It’s truly Sagan’s team and not the other way round.

      • gregg boyer

        Right you are, Sky appeared 14k from the finish to escort a fresh Kwiatkowski atop the Poggio . Kwiatkowski also had Viviani in the group . Sky built the team, knowing Kwiatkowski’s form as of Strada Bianchi, plus his tactic in the sprint was perfect . It was a team Sky win, no matter how we talk it over . If Alaphiliipe’s learning curve is faster than Sagan’s has been . Look out for him in the near future, if QuickStep stays together .
        Sagan on Sky, QuickStep, BMC, etc. there’d be no reason to have any races he entered . Sagan is the brilliant star of this generation .

        • Sagan on Sky and we’d be in another Merckx situation.

    • marcus_moore

      That’s bike racing – in a break with Sagan, why would anyone do much work if they know that Sagan will most likely outsprint them; instead sit on & let the strongest gamble on keeping enough energy in the tank without letting the bunch rejoin and the pure sprinters riding over the top of him.

      Look at Gerrans win over Cancellara as a recent example of the strongest on the day coming very close but being pipped at the line.

      I agree with others though – Sagan provides the best show!!

      CT – can you a reference to the question Sagan was asked at the start of the race & he walked off laughing

      • Marc

        As I said and like you seem to agree, he’s not the fastest sprinter, so he needs to break away. But in a break you can do 1% of the work, 100% of the work and everything in between. Sagan always does way too much. Of course the others are more likely to let him do to work. But at the end of the day, often they don’t want to get caught either. Yesterday it was clearly in Kwiatkowski and Team Sky’s interest to have the break go for the win. Viviani isn’t the fastest sprinter of the bunch. Omloop het Nieuwsblad was an even better example, Van Avermaet had no one in the chasing bunch with a chance of winning and BMC was clearly going for the win with having GvA in the break. He didn’t have to do any work, because Sagan did it. Again. As per usual.

        • Greg

          Sagan doesn’t always do too much. He’s the 2-time defending World Champ and has won 3 times so far early in the season.

          Sagan played it almost perfectly. Bringing Alaphillipe and Kwiat with him neutralized the most powerful chasers. . But that also meant that Kwiat and Alaphillipe weren’t going to do anything. But Sagan 3-up against those two is normally advantage Sagan. He maybe could have played the last kilometer a little better, but that’s easy to armchair QB. It’s much harder when 200 of the best cyclists in the world are starting to line out their sprinters 10 seconds behind you.

          Last year he won a Monument and the World Championships. And a bunch of other stuff. That pretty much as good a season as you can have. I don’t understand the comment sections everywhere trying to teach him how to race a bike.

          • jules

            I’d question your assumption that ‘Kwiat and Alaphillipe weren’t going to do anything’. How do you know? Certainly, by staying on the front, Sagan guaranteed that they wouldn’t.

            Gerro is a rider who is a master at that type of brinkmanship. I think he is quoted as saying ‘to win, you must be prepared to lose’ and the problem is Sagan seemed to see himself as the rightful winner and did what he thought was necessary to bring himself to the line in front. Sometimes you’ve got to call others’ bluff, sit up and make it clear “if you guys don’t want to work, I’m prepared to sit up and we all lose” – that’s when you find out whether they’re really prepared to work or not. And a lot of people are.

            I raced a well-known handicap a few years ago and had a nice mark. I couldn’t help but dig in and do a fair bit of work, knowing that I probably could have handled a harder group. Some sandbagger sat in, did virtually nothing and now has his name on the trophy forever. You make your choices. Do you want to be a ‘good bloke’ or do you want to win?

            • Greg

              “I’d question your assumption that ‘Kwiat and Alaphillipe weren’t going to do anything’. How do you know?”

              Because it’s a poker game. Kwiat /Alaphillipe had Viviani/Gaviria. They were covering Sagan as insurance – that was their assigned role, to mark Sagan. It’s like they’re playing with house money. If Sagan pulls them to the line, great, they can try to out-sprint him. If he doesn’t, they did their job in at least taking Sagan out of the field sprint where he’s still dangerous. Sagan knew this. His only mistake was not dropping them, and he tried, attacking the corners on the descent. But Kwiat and Alaphillipe wear big-boy pants too. They’re not easy to drop. I get the “you have to be willing to lose” bit. Cancellara did this sometimes, where everyone was watching him to cover an attack and he’d give them the middle finger and sit up. But Sky and QuickStep will have zero problems with Sagan being willing to lose. They’ll take it every time because they have multiple options, and removing Sagan improves their odds.

              • jules

                good response, I hadn’t clocked that. they only got up by 5 secs. so he didn’t have a lot to play with, I agree.

    • Deryck Walker

      Fabian had the same problem.

  • kasual

    Shout to Kwiatkowski for being right there to win when the opportunity presented itself. I guess he ended up being the strongest.

    • pedr09

      Actually no, he didn’t.

      • kasual

        “Peter Sagan sparked off an impressive attack on the Poggio…but finally wilted in the final sprint and enabled Michal Kwiatkowski to snatch victory”

        So what am I missing here? Kwiatkowski won by passing Sagan with 30m to go, so he was in the perfect position when Sagan faded.

  • Rob

    Sagan is looking more and more like Guy Fawkes…


    • DaveRides

      I imagine there are at least a few Brits who wouldn’t mind him blowing up the parliament.

  • The Power Of Flowers

    Have you noticed “aero is everything” (Sagan) VS “more comfort” (Kwiatkowski)? OK, I’m exaggerating a bit but…

    • Cliff Nichols

      Yeah, a bit – that new Dogma has some pretty good ‘Aero’ chops too (even if it is the only bike Sky rides outside the Bolide in the TT) – remember, it got the wind-tunnel/fluid dynamics treatment from Jaguar. That said, it does look like a comfy old sofa compared to that Venge….but then pretty much anything outside of a TT/Concept bike does!

  • Andy B

    Fantastic Race :)


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