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  • SouthernHoax

    Great read as usual.

  • Tyron

    Selling articles now through memberships? Really? The downward slide of CT continues. With the amount of ad space you sell I’m truly disappointed.

    • Sam

      Previously free content now in the ‘members only’ area. Ordinary CT. Very ordinary.

      • Tim Johnson

        The email announcing this (or was it the FB post?) said that it’s temporarily in the members area for a few days so us members get early access, but that it will be moving to the general site soon. I don’t really see why that’s such a big deal.

        • Michele

          Its not. People just like to have a moan nowadays. ????

        • Michael K

          ‘temporarily for a few days’ is now three weeks. Do you still think it’s not a big deal?

    • Michele

      Umm, you do know that VeloClub came out last year, ie over 3 months ago.

      Get with the news.

      You don’t want to pay to be in the club? No biggie, you just have to wait a few days longer to read about him.

      You also have the option not to come to this site.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

    • JL

      I can’t believe you’re whining about this. Seriously, you’re willingly paying $100 for CT membership, no duress. You get $100 to spend in the Emporium which, for me, is a simple break even. There something for everyone in there. Let’s not mention discounts on great gear on a weekly basis and ongoing discounts on discounts from Chain Reaction. I never post, but in light of some recent sad news in the cycling works this tripe and whinge is pretty sad.

      • Michele

        I agree.

        I actually joined VeloClub as a way to make a donation to CT for the great work they do.

  • zeresh geresh

    I don’t want to belong to any club that will charge poor people like me :-)

  • lefthandside

    Always fun but as usual the secret pro articles require careful proofing: “You don’t have a quiff like his if you’re as easygoing as him, so I can’t see him causing the fracas” doesnt make sense cheers

  • gunnar1981

    Powers-that-be at Cyclingtips, when does this become open to the non-members?

  • Hansel

    WHERE IS THE SECRET PRO!??? Best part of cyclingtips and here we are 5 months later with no new Pro Article!


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