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  • Steven Gilmore

    Cyclus makes the an awesome set of chainring nut pliers.

  • Ashok Captain

    Thanks for this. Very interesting reading for those of us who aren’t attending the show.

  • Alex222

    That drop bar balance bike is freaking awesome

  • CyclingCraze

    I used to ride Tange tubing back in the day, thought they had disappeared from cycling. Good to seem them back, but who’s going to buy it now?

    • James Huang

      As did I. One of my favorite mountain bikes ever was made with Tange Prestige Ultimate Superlight.

      As with nearly all steel bicycle tubing these days, I suspect Tange’s primary market will be the small/custom builders.

      • Mike Williams

        The fork of my fat bike is from Tange (Cro-Mo).

    • GH0STP1X3L

      Soma Fabrications, located in the SF Bay area, uses Tange steel tubing for their bikes. They also sell many Tange branded components and accessories.

  • Neo

    The pedalless, adult size trike, is what is known as a drift trike, take a look on youtube to understand :)

    • James Huang

      I’m well familiar with them (and they look like monstrous fun). But whether they’re “sensible” is up for debate ;)

      • Neo

        N+1! :)

  • Afry

    It’s interesting to see “blatant rip-off” and “Zero Gravity” mentioned in the same sentence. I have yet to receive the brakes I ordered and paid for over two years ago from Ted Ciamillo. As a result I almost zero sympathy.

  • Perhaps “Just slap on your brand name and go.” should be the title of this show? I laugh/cry at the stickers proclaiming BS like “Italian DNA”.

    • jon

      About a week ago, an Asian lady came in with her hubby to my bike shop to buy a Colnago. She asked me where the bike was made and to which I replied “Taiwan”, and without hesitation, she goes “eww…….” while making this disgusted face.

  • Andy Galloway

    Have Cyclus headset press and hanger alignnent tool I bought maybe 10 years ago.

    Great coverage James.

    Smooth hard and soft as a lady … not how I think of cables but that might be just me LOL

  • StevieTopSiders

    That Beta bike looks super cool.

    • James Huang

      Yeah, I thought so, too. One thing I failed to mention is that there was also a complete bike on display that cleared 28mm Continental tires mounted to Easton EC90 SL carbon rims. Judging by my eyeball calipers, the actual width was probably closer to 31mm. I’m definitely looking forward to riding one of these.

      • StevieTopSiders

        Is Beta going to sell them directly, or will we just have to be on the lookout for whatever company ends up selling a frame that looks exactly alike?

        • James Huang

          Beta most definitely does not plan to be an outward-facing brand at all, so I wouldn’t expect to see this bike in the wild as seen here. Its business model is to provide advanced engineering support for brands and manufacturers that don’t already have the resources in place to do that sort of thing themselves.

        • Jonas/BETA

          Hello Stevie, Jonas from Beta here.
          Glad you like our frame!
          We will not sell directly under our own brand, as we want to focus on what we are best, which is engineering. But there should be attractive opportunities coming up to buy this frame. You can follow us either on betabicycles.com or https://m.facebook.com/betabicycles, we will keep you posted there once we have distribution partners.
          And James eyeball calipers are totally accurate, 31 mm tire width https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/18a7facd0f27edeb4958e15889fe6afb9b4b7c792ce0b8cbfd8891b6f0502bf8.jpg with clearance left.

  • Timiji

    Can we mere cyclists buy direct from any of these OEM suppliers? In addition to drooling over Ti bolts, I’m not so hung up on branding that I’d prefer Felt over ADK…

    • James Huang

      You can find lots of open mold products on sites such as Alibaba. The only issue, however, is that you really don’t know much about what has been done in terms of quality control, nor do you have much recourse if some sort of defect were to arise.

      As for that specific bike on display at ADK, that company may produce frames for Felt, but that particular sample wasn’t just some Felt with a different decal (although it’s possible it was functionally equivalent, just with a different shape).

    • Wily_Quixote

      I was in Taiwan on holiday a few years ago and, though I didn’t look seriously for bikes, I found that equivalent bikes (I.e. Giant) were cheaper than Australia but with lower end group sets.

      I found it really difficult to get information about ‘from the manufacturer ‘ bikes – you probably could with a broker of some kind.

  • cthenn

    Fabulous 3rd report! Love all the stuff that would never make any other report, like “ASSIZE” (lmao!) and the blatant Trek ripoff. Seems like a lot of junk out there as well as good stuff. That’s the key when buying overseas from Asia…there are those companies that are striving to create their own brand, not just a blatant ripoff, or as a cheap source for other brands. You just have to find these companies and manufacturers.

    I gotta see one of those RoundTail frames built up, I didn’t know wtf I was looking at, at first…

    • James Huang

      Thank you! Trade shows are always good for that sort of thing, but the Taipei one is especially fruitful :)

    • Wily_Quixote

      As humorous as it seems, ‘assize’ (or rather assizes) is a word. It’s an old fashioned name for a regional court. In Australia the equivalent would be a magistrate’s court, I think.

      • James Huang

        Hence the caption I used as opposed to something more deliberately snarky. This is hardly the first time a word has been used in the cycling industry that has an unfortunate alternative meaning or interpretation.

        • Wily_Quixote

          Like the Carnac Legend shoe? Legend = leg end

      • cthenn

        Well I guess I learned something today!

        • Wily_Quixote

          It’s still a bizarre name for a cycling company…..

  • Devin Kinsella

    Any ad that features a woman doing anything even remotely feminine, let alone if the ad has the audacity to mention any of the woman’s natural feminine features as they relate to a product is SEXIST! It’s time we men stand up to this SEXISM and ban women from being featured in ads. Promo girls and models shouldn’t even have the opportunity to choose to be in SEXIST ads. They’ll thank us men when they get jobs that don’t take advantage of them, such as logging or mining or ship building. We must take a stand for these women as they clearly have the inability to take a stand for themselves!

    • MadBlack

      You serious or sarcastic? If you’re serious get a life!

      • Devin Kinsella

        Seriously man, if you don’t think this is serious, then you are just as sexist as the company who turned that helpless woman’s hair into shifter cables! Maybe it’s time you get #woke to the trials and tribulations of the women featured in these ads who then have to spend the rest of their lives with shifter cable hair. Smh

        • MadBlack

          Ok, first of all the woman in question will not spend the rest of her life with shifter cable hair as this is clearly photoshopped. This is what makes me think you’re being sarcastic here. Secondly there is a very slim minority of women who would even consider a job in logging, mining, or shipbuilding. This also makes me think you’re being sarcastic. I think the woman in these ads are reimbursed handsomely for their “trials and tribulation” which they undergo at their own chosing. Why should men interfere with any woman’s chosing?

          • Devin Kinsella

            It was a joke. I was poking fun at James Huang assertion that a harmless ad was in someway sexist just because it was featuring a women. There is no reason for the cycling industry to be so sensitive about these things when it is literally one of the most accommodating sporting equipment industries in the world. Have a nice day.

  • @disqus_ZiZ7FkAYnw:disqus that is not a filament wound rim. The finish you see there is twill fabric: https://www.rockwestcomposites.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/img_0309_300x300_.jpg

    Here are examples of filament wound rims: http://www.venn-cycling.com/index.php/rims/filament-wound-rims

    • James Huang

      Hi Victor,

      First off, sorry to have missed you at the show. I swung by the Velocite booth, but you had stepped out and I didn’t have a chance to make it back.

      In any event, yes, that is obviously a woven fabric on the surface of that rim, but the company was very insistent that they were made using a filament wound process. Why they would go through the extra time and expense to add a woven layer on top is a mystery to me, and a question they wouldn’t answer.

      • I actually saw you… I was rushing one way, you the other. By the time I did a double take we were too far apart.

        Regarding Farsports and their customers’ rims being filament wound, there is no valid reason for them to cover up the filament winding origin as it adds supply chain complexity, increases material costs, labour costs, weight and introduces errors. Occam’s razor.

        So the alternatives are:

        1. They are not filament wound – in this era of alternative facts, who is to know? Claim and deny are easier.
        2. They are sourced from an outside (large) supplier in Xiamen that uses tape wrapping for some rims and they have a characteristic finish to them. They are not filament wound, and are visually distinctive, thus perhaps surface layer is applied to mask the origins.
        3. They have no idea what filament winding means

        Regarding our rims, well we (and Munich Composites except theirs are woven) started this almost 3 years ago now. While we do not allow customers to inspect the actual winding stage due to it being an industrial secret (for real), our rims have been inspected, tested and dissected by all the large OEMs, and we provide rim cutouts for inspection to all. Filament wound structure can be observed throughout.

  • Stian Pollestad

    In Asia it is quite normal for a Lady to be hard :D

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