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  • Simon Wile

    Love a good story of perseverance through crappy conditions. Perhaps Andy can clarify though, I thought everesting was repeats of a single climb, a HR an unbroken ride over 10k. This isn’t either? Its a goddamn tough ride regardless and all kudos to the author!

    • AndyVB

      Yeah, this is correct. While it doesn’t qualify for an official ‘everesting’ it doesn’t change the fact that this is one incredible, and inspiring ride. Actually, I’m planning an attempt myself in a month and have been tossing up between an ‘easier’ option (if there is such a thing) and one that I really have no idea of whether I’m capable of or not. This final quote:

      “It occurs to me now that some of the most meaningful places I’ve visited have been the far reaches of my capability. I hope his outlook serves as a reminder to continue riding towards that unknown edge, where we find what was once impossible”

      …actually convinced me I need to take the more challenging of two options!

      • Simon Wile

        Pushing to the fringe of your ability is how you find new limits and what you’re really made of. Glad you’ve opted for the tougher choice, you’ll be that much more satisfied when you complete it. Always take the high road, even when suggested you dont ala Ol Dirty last year ;)

  • Mike Hone

    Crazy… Way to go Jonathan.

  • jh

    awesome job! fantastic video and story. did the repeats occur on Linda Vista or Chevy Chase?

  • Stuttgart5

    On Sherman Pass West in the Sierra Nevada, California, you can climb 29,000′ in less than 180 miles. And it’s a sweet climb. Maybe I’ll attempt it when I lose 25 lbs and get into killer condition! It gains 5,000′ in fifteen miles and is real consistent. . So a 30 mile round trip 6 times….”The Son of The Death Ride” used to use both sides of Sherman Pass. A real monster and only a hundred miles or so from the San Gabriels. Very light traffic. Zero development. Fairly wide for a mountain road. Rises above the famous Kern River. I know that the Bofax road near Fairfax Ca, is has also been used. 20 times up is necessary. I saw someone do it on a Strava flyby.

  • Big J

    What is the kit that they are riding in? It looks sharp!


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