Virtual Park Up: Don Whippet’s De Rosa ‘Endurace’

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This beautiful De Rosa ‘ENDURACE’ belonging to VeloClub member Craig Simons (aka Don Whippet) was featured on the VeloClub instagram as our inaugural ‘member bike of the week’.

Craig was kind enough to bring his baby along to our VeloClub de South Melbourne #lunchbunch last Friday so we could all get a closer look. It stood out for a few reasons. First of all, we were impressed with Craig’s attention to detail when ensuring period correctness with this right build down to the retro computer which provided the rider with important metrics such as max speed! Secondly, and it’s difficult to tell from this photo, but the paint job on the frame has a stunning pearlescence to it that turns the blue a sparkly purple in the sun!

Finally, Craig wanted to know more about this particular model before he splashed his cash so he sent an email to De Rosa in search of further information. To his surprise Craig received a long winded response from none other than Christiano De Rosa (son of founder Ugo De Rosa). It’s nice to see some good old fashioned customer service in the bike industry!

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