Virtual Park Up: Evan’s Coppi

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This addition to our park-up is a custom Coppi thanks to the eminently stylish Mr. Evan Rolton of Rockit Barber Shop in Melbourne. Click here to follow Evan on Instagram.

Evan had this to say about his retro steed…

“There’s a funny story behind this bike. It all started with a conversation in the barbers chair with one of my clients. We were speaking about bikes and I said I would love a steel frame as I had just upgraded the group set on my carbon bike and I still had my 2005 Campagnolo record group sitting idle in the garage at home. We started talking about Colnago masters and from there the conversation expanded to include pretty much all frames from the 90s.

After a couple of weeks spent scouring eBay and Gumtree for the perfect frame I was driving home one night after work and the same client whose conversation sparked my search called and said: “I found you a frame, and bought it for you”. My wife happened to be in the car at the time and naturally I spent the rest of the car trip having the obligatory “n+1″ conversation before the purchase was approved.

Once the frame arrived I went straight to Dan at Shifter Bikes. The frame was missing forks and stickers but it still had the Coppi badge on the head tube which suggests the previous owner had it painted. The idea was to keep the build as close to the 90’s as possible, with the exception being the group set as I wasn’t overly keen on down-tube shifters. Dan managed to source some forks while eBay provided the stem, bars, cages, seat post and saddle. The wheels are a custom set of H Plus Son rims laced to a some hubs I repurposed from some old Zipp training wheels I had lying around.

And that was it! Now any time I have a bike in for service or it’s a retro feeling day I look forward to taking this out and just riding it.”

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