Virtual Park Up: Sheyleigh’s Spyro

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This week’s VC ‘bike of the week’ has a special significance to its owner that many of us can relate to but few of us can claim to have experienced. Sheyleigh Walsh (aka Sheyleigh on Insta) completed the longest recorded Everesting on her Specialized S-Works Tarmac in a staggering 471km and just under 40hours.

Sheyleigh explains the relationship formed through thousands of kilometres spent together with “Spyro”.

“My S-Works Tarmac (named Spyro, my own purple little dragon) was technically from the boys at Cyclery Northside from Chatswood in Sydney. He was part of my sponsorship deal as a Specialized Women’s Ambassador, so with communication between Specialized HQ and Cyclery Northside Spyro was made.

Spyro has taken me on some pretty rad adventures to date and although he’s just under a year old he’s probably clocked around 9000km (keeping in mind there are two other bikes to share the load). This year alone he’s seen three different states and climbed some beautiful mountains like Norton Summit in SA, Falls Creek in VIC and Charlottes Pass in NSW. One of my most significant adventures to date though would definitely have been the time we shared doing my Everesting. Thirty-Nine and a half hours, 57 repeats and 471km and he never gave up on me, not even one flat tyre. He ended up with a little bit of a scuff in the decal words ‘s-works’ (which didn’t touch his beautiful blurple coat luckily) during the epic ride but I kind of like that, it’s his own Everesting scar.

It’s gonna sound super cheesy, but I kind of love that regardless of where I’ve been and what bikes I’ve seen, I’ve not seen a bike that leaves me envious and wishing I had that instead of Spyro. It’s comfortable, it’s fast on flats and hills (when it’s engine allows it), I loved it from the moment I clipped in… I lie, I loved it from the moment I ordered it. It’s chameleon blurple is stunning and asides from that, I know how much it’s helped me achieve, so there’s the sentimental factor on it. The only issue with it is it makes me play favourites with my three bikes (and all bikes everywhere).”

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