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  • Velt

    Do you reckon it could fit a CX nobbly?

    • Maybe. Depends on what your definition of a good fit is and what tyre you opt for. I don’t think you’ll see much more than a few mm clearance in some places.

  • Coach

    I’m unclear… in the fourth gen review you said the bike was 6.5kg but the one in the pictures with the mavics was lighter again. In this review, you said the weight was 7.89kg. That’s 1.4kg heavier unless my math is out..

    • The comparisons I’ve made in this review are based on Canyon’s claimed weights (which, as it turns out, are pretty accurate), so without any firm numbers, I’ve limited myself to round numbers so there was less risk of overstating the difference.

  • RayG

    Bad stuff #4. Integrated bar/stem. You don’t seem to be able to specify stem length or bar reach during purchase and integration makes it even harder to change later.

    • common sense

      its a pity about the integrated bar and stem. It seems the majority of the riders in either of the two teams, that ride Canyons, have gone for the alloy stem, and bar option. Mine came with a 110mm, and feels so much better with 130mm stem.

  • clyde

    Do Canyon Aus let you choose the dimensions of the aero cockpit for delivery yet, is that part of the 30 days to work on fit issues, or are you on your own?

    And no options for crank length either. That doesn’t seem like a hard thing to have an option for, really. All their cranks seem one size too short for the suggested dimensions.

    • Canyon Aus have told me a few times that they’re always willing to work with buyers to sort out any fit issues after the bike is delivered. I can’t say if that extends to crank length, though. I’ve heard that Canyon is working towards greater customisation of the bike build during the ordering process but this is a much larger undertaking than what it seems. At the very least, it will slow the time to dispatch, which I suspect is a pretty sensitive point for buyers.

  • common sense

    A good write up on both the Ultimate SLX disc, and conventional. Although you seem to overlook the Mavic Ksyrium wheelset, and the added braking performance of the exalith surface. i understand they are not ‘disc brakes’, but they are light years ahead of both carbon rims, and standard alloy rims. This is not an advert for Mavic, but the braking performance of the Ksyrium SLR exalith, can not be overlooked, as you have.
    I currently have the Ultimate slx, gen-3, with these wheels.

    • The Exalith braking surface is an acquired taste. I know some, like you, that really enjoy it. To me, it sounds and feels like somebody dragging their fingernails down a blackboard.

      • common sense

        that is true, they can release a scream, not too different to a child in a shopping centre. although the braking performance is not comparable to standard alloys, let alone carbon rims with cork pads!

        everything else you said about the Canyon Ultimate SLX, is on the money. Comfort, steering and handling, and incredible value for money. although i wonder what impact the disc brake weight penalty will have on the undecided potential buyer. has just killed it off for me!

  • Sunny Ape

    As Henry Ford said “You can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black”


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