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  • MattHurst

    Well done Gracie Elvin too, it was nice to see some on SBS but would have loved a screen in screen image if suppliers of images to sbs had given more of the feed.

  • jh

    Amazing win. Coryn Rivera is incredible.

  • badhombrebigdo

    This is big! Rivera, well done!!!

  • SNS

    Regarding Anna not working, the Boels DS Danny Stam stated that “We had the break of four with Anna in it, but I wasn’t sure that Anna
    would win the sprint from the four. I told her not to ride with the group.” I find that a very strange statement given that Anna was arguably the best (or at a minimum second best) sprinter of the four. Maybe he didn’t watch the road race in Rio.

    • Dave

      Anna had done all the work to launch the break in the first place – it was her blast on the Kwaremont that nearly disposed of Annemiek and Kasia – and then suddenly her team decide that they have no faith in her ability to win from that small group. That’s not just a decision that had massive implications for the race yesterday – that may have ramifications for the rest of the season.

      Last year, when Lizzie or Chantal got clear, whether solo or with company Boels would ruthlessly control the chase, dominating the following group and not allowing any momentum to develop. Anna did everything right – she got herself into a small group where she looked the strongest, with no dominant sprinters, and with every right to expect her team to control the pack behind and to prevent Ellen or whoever from really driving the race back together. But Boels didn’t trust her. What does that tell Anna about the next time she considers launching an attack and getting herself into a small lead group? That she has to make sure that when she attacks, Lizzie or Chantal go with her? Or that actually, don’t bother.

      A negative, foolish decision by Boels. And they don’t seem to realise it, judging from their report on the race.


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