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  • Nitro

    Would love to see the “What it takes to be competitive on the Hell ride” / “What its like at the back of the Hell ride, hanging on for grim death before exploding into a million pieces, getting dropped off the back and having to lie down” / “What’s an average bunch ride power” article written the same way as the above – so we can better quantify the difference between the pros and the rest of us…

    The average power tables are great, but these articles take it to the next level…

    Something for April fools day 2018 perhaps ?

    • Not a bad idea at all, Nitro. Let me look into it.

    • Bartholomew Lee

      Awesome idea Nitro

    • I remember after one Hell Ride Greg Henderson telling me that his NP was over 350 watts and said, “That was more than a Classic!”. But then again it was Jez Hunt and Hendy dragging around a hundred guys who were sitting on.

      • Nitro

        I’ll share one of my Strava files where I’m at the absolute limit killing myself on Zwift – and you can tell me how tragically bad I am :)

  • RayG

    “On such a twisting and turning circuit it can be of benefit to be off
    the front, rather that fighting for position in a fast peloton”.

    But the data you present for the first half of the race (only three whole datapoints, I’ll admit) shows the opposite. Or are they AP and NP would be better data?

    • Andy Logan

      I might be wrong but being in the break would mean it wouldn’t be as easy sitting in the bunch, but the flip side is you don’t run the risk of crashes etc if your in the break.

      • Jaybo

        i think it was also a very solid sized break. the smaller the break the harder people have to work on average, but you get a good dozen guys all working together cohesively and the effort required isn’t insane… the smaller group makes them a little more agile for tight sections where the peloton would get strung out and/or have issues.


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